Peanut butter is a staple food that is extremely delectable and is perfect either paired with just about anything or even on its own. However, there is always a debate regarding which type of peanut butter is best: creamy or chunky? Well my fellow peanut butter connoisseurs, our arguments can be laid to rest. 

I created a survey and shared it via social media, asking college students to tell me what peanut butter they prefer. The 83 responses to the survey were from 2 graduate school students, 11 seniors, 15 juniors, 24 sophomores, and 30 freshmen.

Here are the results you have all been waiting for: 

The winner is CREAMY! 

Creamy peanut butter is preferred by 70% of the students who completed the survey. Now I know this does not account for the entire population of college students, however, it gives a general idea of what is preferred.

Whether you prefer creamy or chunky peanut butter is up to you, but we all know that any peanut butter is going to make our day much better and tastier!