College students have a lot on their minds, and being a sustainable human being isn't always a priority when things like having enough money to go out with your friends and paying rent come into play. However, with the help of these apps, making sustainability a part of your life can be easy.

1. Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide

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Hannah Cather

The Non-GMO Project is an organization that tests and labels products as containing GMOs or being GMO-free. This app is awesome for in-store decisions because all you have to do is type in a product's name and voila, you have the information you need to make your choice!

2. Certified Humane

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Topanga McBride

Certified Humane lets you search products, grocers, and restaurants that meet their Animal Care Standards. These standards evaluate and enforce that animals have the proper space, shelter, nutrition, and care that they deserve. They even have a "Near Me" feature.

3. Good Fish Guide

Jenny Georgieva

This app was created by the Marine Conservation Society so that consumers could see if their fish was coming from sustainably run fishing operations. All you have to do is search what you're looking for to see how well the product does on their scale of sustainability. No fishy business allowed!

4. Seasons

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Sasha Kran

Seasons works to lessen the environmental effects of food transportation and off season shopping by letting users see which products are in season. Plus, it will show you farmers' markets in your area that have the seasonal products you are looking for.

5. Love Food Hate Waste

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Gabrielle Taylor

Each year the average North American throws away $2,000 worth of food. That's a huge amount of money for broke college students to be literally throwing away. Love Food Hate Waste aims to assist broke college students like ourselves in reducing our food waste by helping us prepare grocery lists that will result in the least amount of food waste, make proper portions, and show us recipes that will use up our leftovers at the end of the week.