Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Palentine's Day. Whatever you call it, and however you celebrate it, V-Day is meant to be a day full of love and chocolate. But, as all holidays get wrapped up in the commercialization, Valentine's Day can cost a pretty penny.

Not only the money, but it can also be a defining moment in some relationships. You either take it a step further and get your significant other a gift, or you politely run away and never come back so you don't have to spend your money. But Galentine's Day can be an even bigger conundrum than a romantic V-Day. You do now have to buy presents for ALL seven friends who will be attending Galentine's Day, and even that other friend who has a boyfriend and won't be attending but still needs a present? Sounds stressful.

There is a simple solution. If your special someone(s) is a foodie or likes food or needs food to survive-- AKA everyone-- here are 35 gifts for foodies that will wow and impress. I apologize in advance though because these gifts are so good that the standard will be set pretty high for next year. 

1. A Cute Spoon

$17 Jessica N Designs 

2. Avocado BFF Heart Necklace

$31.52 SweetsOfMyOwn

3. Handmade Cheese Board

$138 Manual Arts DEpt.

4. French Fry Poster 

$22.99 DrawnFromMyBrain

5. A Sign That Is Too Real 

$26.08 mybeardedpigeon

6. Matching Undies 

$20 MeUndies (Already in a cute box with some Sugarfina's Candy Cubes, Rosé All Day Bears, and Champagne Bears.)

7. Cuff Links

$30 Whismy Milieu 

8. Food Candle 

$18 Foxhound 

9. Subtle Food Brooch 

$20.27 DzyDzy Design

10. A Nice Good Ole-Fashioned Card

$6 Doris Chang 

11. A Handmade Ceramic Mug 

Custom Order Palmtreepots 

12. Earth Friendly Paper Lunch Bag

$20 WarmGreyCompany 

13. Peach Collar for Your Peach 

$30.73 Collar Me Pretty

14. Cookie Heart Keychain 

$22.92 Sweets Of My Own

15. Pizza Earrings

$38 Kris Nations 

16. Floaty 

$19 Urban Outfitters 

17. Mini Fridge (or a regular-sized fridge) Stocked With Their Favorite Food

$43.95 Amazon

18. Hats for Your Dog 

$6.9 Target 

18. Magazine Subscription 

$12 year subscription to Food Network Magazine 

19. Trader Joe's XOXO Candy 

In Stores.

20. Loose-leaf Tea Infuser  

$9.99 Target

21. Raw Box Subscription

$39.95 Raw Box

22. Guadetama Fujifilm Instax Film

$20 Urban Outfitters 

23. Chocolate-Covered Roses

$69 Edible Arrangements 

24. Bacon Roses 

$109-306 Bacon Boxes 

25. Raunchy Noodle Shirt

$30 Buy Me Brunch on The Chivery 

26. A Design For Your Peanut Butter Lover 

Price depends on design from Society 6 

27. A Water Bottle Your Thirsty S.O.

$19.99 Uncommon Goods 

28. Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow 

$49 Too Faced

29. Portable Waffle Makers 

$18 Urban Outfitters 

30. DIY Kombucha Maker

beer, milk, alcohol, liquor, ice
Yasmeen Janahi

$65 Uncommon Goods 

31. Food Dice for Indecisive Nights 

$24 Amazon

32. Cookie Portrait 

$50 ArtSugar.Co

33. A Cookbook

Hannah Cather

Barnes & Nobles 

34. Actual Food (Bonus Points If You Make It)

35. Take A Couples Cooking Classes

If none of these gifts sound right for your special someone, a good old-fashioned date with flowers and chocolates will do the trick.