Given that the closest Cracker Barrel near me is more than an hour away and out of state, it probably sounds crazy that I consider it to be one of my fave chain restaurants. But ever since stopping at one with my family on a trip to Pennsylvania years ago, we've gone out of our way to eat at Cracker Barrel whenever we see one off the highway. Not to mention, we go when my fam comes up at the start and end of every school year now, since there's a store 10 minutes away from my college.

Needless to say, I've ate through my fair share of the Cracker Barrel menu over the years. Here are just a few of my faves, ranked by how great they taste. But fair warning: If you don't live close to one, you may find yourself taking a long drive to your closest country store stat.

15. Chicken n' Dumplins

Freshly prepared and simmered in chicken stock, this dish is perfect for any creamy-sauce connoisseur. Plus, you can get it as a side with any lunch or dinner meal (sans chicken).

14. Eggs-in-a-Basket

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

I don't know what it is, but there's just something about eating eggs cooked inside pieces of bread that make them taste 10 times better. Truth be told, Cracker Barrel's take on this breakfast is no exception.   

13. Uncle Herschel's Favorite

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

Uncle Herschel knows where it's at, complementing his breakfast with a dinner-centric meat. My pick? Fried chicken tenderloins, because chicken doesn't need to be paired with waffles to qualify as breakfast appropriate.

12. Fresh Steamed Broccoli

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

No, you're not seeing things. CB's garlicky broccoli is everything and more, including—*gasp*—healthy. 

11. US Farm-Raised Grilled Catfish

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

This dish is for all the spicy food lovers. Cracker Barrel's grilled catfish has just the right amount of kick to satisfy your spicy food craving. (Not to mention, it's a great choice for any CB-goer trying to stray away from fried foods.)

10. Country Fried Shrimp

Watch out, shrimp on the barbie. Cracker Barrel's country fried shrimp is delicious as heck, AND it comes with hushpuppies.

9. Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

Every menu needs a bomb chocolate cake, right? CB just goes the extra mile infusing theirs with sweet, sweet cola. 

8. Grandpa's Country Fried Breakfast

Q: What's better than having steak with your breakfast?

A: Having country fried steak with your breakfast.  

7. Hash Brown Casserole

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

True fact, Cracker Barrel puts all fast food hash browns to shame with their hash brown casserole. The secret? There's cheese in it, and lots of it, because of course.

6. Sunday Homestyle Chicken

So you're craving breaded chicken, but Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. Lucky for you, CB's Sunday special has got you covered.

5. Chicken Fried Chicken

Bring on the fried chicken! Of course Cracker Barrel comes in clutch with their boneless version of the chicken dish, and even tops it with their signature gravy. 

4. Country Fried Steak

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

Sure, most people will say fried chicken is the best fried food out there, but those people probably haven't tried country fried steak. If so, Cracker Barrel, with its fried-food reputation, is a great place to first try the dish. 

3. Cracker Barrel Campfire S'more

S'mores may taste best around a campfire, but eating an open-faced one at Cracker Barrel is probably a close second. 

2. Loaded Hash Brown Casserole

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

No surprise, CB's hash brown casserole tastes even better covered in cheese and bacon. (But then again, every potato dish tastes better covered in cheese and bacon.) 

1. Macaroni n' Cheese

Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel 

Super creamy and browned to perfection, CB's macaroni n' cheese is a must-order at every visit. Also, because mac n' cheese. Come on. 

Between all the desserts, hearty sides, and fried dishes, you really can't go wrong with anything on Cracker Barrel's menu. Just remember that if you go, you have to order their mac n' cheese, and take a look around their country store in front before you pay the check.