If you look through my Instagram discover tab, it is full of food videos. I probably spend at least 30 minutes a day watching food be cooked, cracked, and smashed on my phone, and I have zero regrets. 

Over time, I have found that, like anything else, not all food production instas are created equal, so I have prepared a list of my favorites to help you save time on the search (and waste hours watching the most distracting food videos of all time).

1. @HungryTwins

@Hungrytwins produces some of my favorite sweet tooth food videos, heavily incorporating chocolate, Nutella, chocolate chip cookies, and even more chocolate

2. @InsiderDessert

I would almost describe @InsiderDessert as a news insta, but it informs you of the hottest new food trends instead of the latest alternative facts. They have inspired my international food wish list, which certainly includes Cookie Do.

3. @SarahLynnFitness

My jaw dropped when I saw this Insta because this confection is less than 300 calories. @SarahLynnFitness provides recipes for all her videos, and she creates the perfect guilt-free treats

4. @BuzzfeedTasty

I couldn't NOT mention the OG of food videos: @BuzzfeedTasty. I have never dared to prepare one of their recipes, but they are always listed in the caption if you are up for a challenge.

5. @SpoonUniversity

#Shamelessplug for @SpoonUniversity. These videos are about 60% of the reason I joined Spoon, and the prep videos range from Thin Mint pies, sweet potato tater tots, to Panera bread bowl dupes.

6. @Love_Food

Do you love food? If so, follow @Love_Food and be amazed by the amount of cheese one account can document. They also photograph other food, but I was distracted by the burrata and cheese pulls (as per usual).

7. @Tastemade

These videos are truly hypnotic. Follow @Tastemade's international counterparts (@Tastemade_Japan, @TastemadeUK, @Tastemadees, and @Tastemadefr) for more noms. 

8. @TipsyBartender

@TipsyBartender is certainly worth the follow: it's all the fun of alcohol without the hangover. Extra bonus points if you make these drinks for your friends next time you go out.

9. @TheNaughtyFork

This Miami-based food instagrammer not only posts some insane videos (like this ramen waffle), but also high quality food pictures that will leave you hungry for more.

10. @Delish

Everything on this insta is literally ~delish~ (pardon the pun); I literally want it all. Look at this unicorn pie, and try not to drool.

11. @Thrillist

@Thrillist is truly goals. It combines food videos, food pictures, and lifestyle images for pure Instagram perfection. Why not dream about a vacation while you dream about your next meal?

Follow these fire Instagrams, and you'll never be bored again. Don't blame me though when you are watching these accounts instead of studying. I get it, I've been there too.