One of CW's most popular shows, The 100 is confirmed for a fourth season, but does this mean there will be another season to follow? Due to its engaging plots and badass characters, it doesn't seem like The 100 will be coming to an end anytime soon. To celebrate the upcoming season, let's discuss what food we think represents each character.

Clarke: Sriracha Bacon Burger

Clarke has proved herself as one of the strongest leaders on The 100. She's made many mistakes, but Skaikru wouldn't be where it is now if not for her. Clarke has witnessed (and caused) many deaths, which has definitely taken a toll on her. She started to withdraw and separate herself from society, and her failures show that she is human and is still learning. Nevertheless, people look to her for guidance. She gained the people's trust and eventually overruled her mother and took over.

cheese, bacon
Jack Wiefels

Her selfishness can sometimes get her side-tracked from her commitment to Skaikru, but at the end of the day Clarke will sacrifice anything to keep the peace, and that includes killing someone she loves. Just like this burger, Clarke may seem like your average protagonist, but she is definitely not to be crossed (and a little spicy). 

Bellamy: Mint Cookies 'n Cream Brownie Pie 

The strong-willed leader of the pack took a dark turn this season when he sided with the enemy, and his popularity dropped due to some poor decisions. The biggest mistake he made was breaking his sister's trust, but he finally came through for his friends when he realized the mistakes he'd made.

chocolate, brownie, cake, cream, cookie
Alice Zhou

After all the shit Bellamy caused, we can all breath a sigh of relief now that he has his priorities straight and is finally working with Clarke and the others. This mint cookies n' cream brownie pie represents the refreshing outlook Bellamy now has, but also shows all the pieces he has to put together to make things right. 

Octavia: Boozy Chocolate Rum Cake 

Octavia has changed dramatically since the first season of The 100. She started out as a sassy, headstrong teenager and developed into a take-no-shit, loyal, badass warrior. Octavia is a fighter and will crush anyone who gets on her bad side and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. 

chocolate, sweet, cream, candy, cake, pastry, coffee, milk, pudding, goody, brownie
Hayden Carder

A boozy chocolate rum cake has intense flavor from both the sweetness and richness of the chocolate and the spicy intensity of the rum. Octavia is bold with her actions, whether she wants her thoughts to be known or needs to defend someone, she is not to be tampered with.

Jaha: Rhubarb, Cherry, and Raspberry Hibiscus Crumble

Once one of the most respected characters on the show and now one of the most despised, Jaha is a natural born leader. He's confident and strong willed, which makes him an excellent villain, but his greed for immortality and finding The City of Light caused his ultimate downfall.

cereal, sweet, milk, coffee, chocolate
Monica Lazarus

Jaha is just like this rhubarb crumble because he might seem trusting and strong on the surface, but he's only trying to hide the suprising (and bright red) bloodshed underneath.

Murphy: Sour Patch Watermelon Vodka Shots

John Murphy has proven himself over these last three seasons, transforming from a criminal to a hero with a hard shell. This bad boy is equipped with a rebellious attitude but knows when to give up. He is also a smartass with a highly sarcastic nature, so even in the face of danger, you can bet that he'll run his mouth.

sweet, candy, strawberry, gelatin, ice, watermelon, berry
Brooke Hamroff

Just like Murphy, these Sour Patch Watermelon vodka shots may seem intimidating, but they're full of surprising flavor. The kick of the vodka and the tang of the sour candies pack a serious punch, but the sweetness of the watermelon and sugar create a delightful contrast that'll leave you craving more. 

Raven: Tequila Lemon Sorbet

Raven is the Macgyver of the show, and she can fix literally anything. Raven isn't a physical fighter like her friends, but rather she relies on her wits. Fix an escape pod? Done. Build a bomb? Done. Help stop an artificial intelligence threat? Done. Not only is Raven brilliant, but she is one of the strongest characters. Who else could undergo spinal surgery while fully awake with pain medicine? Raven is invincible when she puts her mind to something.

sweet, lemon, juice, citrus
Paige Marie Rodgers

Raven is not only a genius, but she has the sass to match. If she doesn't like someone, she will make her feelings known. She has no problem questioning authority or putting her friends in their places, and she definitely has no shame in calling someone out. She's as feisty as a shot of tequila but as sweet as lemon sorbet, just like this delightful treat. 

Lincoln: White Russian Cocktail Cake

Just like his girlfriend, Lincoln was initially an outcast from his people. He never fit in with the Grounders and Skaikru eventually took him in, with an immense nudge from Octavia. He still made it his mission to protect the ones who accepted him and the grounders. He made the biggest sacrifice for his comrades when he turned himself in. 

cake, chocolate, cream, sweet, pastry, berry, pie
Eileen Wang

A white Russian cocktail cake sounds like it would be beyond intense, but the bold Kahlua and rich sweetness of the cream makes this the perfect representation of Lincoln.

Jasper: Veggie Nachos with Homemade Chips

In the beginning, Jasper mostly supplied comedic relief, but now his humor is taking a backseat and his seriousness is taking over. He found love in season two, but it was quickly taken away from when Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty made the ultimate decision. Since then, Jasper hasn't been the same. 

vegetable, sauce, meat, pepper
Victoria Georgetti

Every character has lost someone, but Jasper seems to be taking it the hardest. To put it mildly, he is crumbling like a plate of nachos. He is carrying a lot of pain on his shoulders and it's crushing him like cheese on a fragile pile of tortilla chips.

Monty: No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

The adorable brainiac of the group really took the stage this season. Not only did he help Raven and Clarke save the world, but he needed to sacrifice his mother's life to do so. Monty is supposed to be the strong willed silent type, but the more stressful the situation grew, the more outspoken he became.

chocolate, cream, banana, ice cream
Kelley Moore

Monty is as innocent and lovable as a chocolate chip cookie pie, but after this season, he is fragile and full of broken pieces just like this pie.

Lexa: Gluten-Free Burrata Jalapeño Poppers

Lexa proved herself to be one of the most powerful leaders of the Grounders. The loss of her girlfriend caused her to shut herself off from everyone, but she channeled her grief into being a stone walled leader and an immensely powerful fighter, but once she met Clarke she began to open up. She can be a ruthless leader when she needs to be, showing no mercy. 

vegetable, rice, sauce, meat, fish, herb, seafood, risotto, parsley
FoodBeast FoodBeast

Just like these burrata jalapeño poppers, Lexa is strong willed and can come across as brutal and fierce, but inside she is also caring, loyal, and loving. These bite-sized morsels have a mighty kick on the outside to match the warm and gooey inside.

It should come as no surprise that The 100 has been renewed for a fourth season. The plots are engaging and the characters are well developed and highly entertaining. These snacks will make the perfect accompaniments to your premier watch party. Or your next binge marathon. Ya know, whichever.