The time has finally come that you've all been waiting for: Super Bowl 2017. This means we get yet another excuse to stuff our faces with delicious snacks... especially those that support the Patriots. So naturally, we've put together the 10 best snacks for Patriots fans.

1. Cannolis

If you don't know that Boston is home to Mike's Pastry, aka the best cannolis on this planet, then you live under a rock (sorry). What a better way to support the Pats then to nom on your homemade cannoli OR cannoli dip

2. Lobster Roll

shrimp, seafood, crab, lobster
Kate Conway

When you hear the words "East Coast," you know it's about to get REAL with the lobster rolls, especially in Boston. Although they are more work than the usual Super Bowl Snack, it'll be worth it once you're lounging on the couch stuffing your face with the best roll.

3. Bagels

The Patriots run the East and so do bagels. Lay out an array of these bad boys with various spreads and toppings to start the day of festivities. You gotta have some carbs in that belly to balance out the alc that'll be consumed throughout the day.

4. Pizza

A classic snack while watching the big game. What's a viewing party without a little bit of 'za? If you're a NY native, order in from Speedy Romeo. If you're a Massachusetts native, order in from Regina's Pizzeria. If you're a Connecticut native, order in from Frank Pepe's Pizzeria.

5. Buffalo Chicken ANYTHING

cream, vegetable, bread
Hana Ezaldein

Buffalo chicken wings, buffalo chicken dip (beware: very addicting), buffalo chicken pizza, buffalo chicken wraps. The possibilities are endless. 

6. Clam Chowder

The best way to warm up in the chilly February weather and express your New England pride. If you're more of a "chill" football viewer, snuggle up in a blanket with a bowl of this and you are set. 

7. Cape Cod Chips

No Super Bowl party is successful without chips. Whether you want to snack on chips with dip (buffalo chicken, spinach artichoke, queso etc.) or you just want to shove 15 of these perfectly salted chips in your mouth at once, it is most definitely a necessity. 

8. Donuts 

candy, sweet, cream, doughnut, chocolate
Elena Bailoni

America runs on Dunkin', New England runs on Dunkin', AND the Patriots run on Dunkin'. But don't worry, you're not limited to just Dunkin' Donuts, you could also branch out to Blackbird Doughnuts, the #1 donut shop in Boston. 

9. Boston Creme Pie 

cream cheese, cream, chocolate, cake
Joey Teodosio

Easily a New England staple. It is the official dessert of Massachusetts. Your party attendees will swoon over this decadent cake filled with custard or creme filling and topped with rich chocolate. 

10. American Chop Suey

If you aren't from New England, you might not be as familiar with this dish. Just imagine a mouth watering bite of elbow macaroni, cooked ground beef, sautéed onions with green peppers all in a thick tomato-based sauce. 

Like all Patriots fans say, I got 99 problems but New England ain't one. Celebrate your team in the best way possible: with food.