Whenever my friends get annoyed thatI insist on photographing our food as soon as it arrives at the table before anyone can touch it, I tell them, "You eat with your eyes first." Sadly, they don't seem to understand. However, if you're obsessed with Instagram food accounts like me, or even have an account dedicated to your foodie adventures (), you'll know how addicting it is to scroll through your feed for food porn. My weakness is brunch, which is objectively . It combines classic breakfast foods with richer, more creative dishes, meaning you can eat basically anything and still be considered socially acceptable. Think: eggs Benedict, chocolate-covered everything, and of course, mimosas. Salivating yet? That's what I thought. Here are the 10 best Instagram brunch accounts you need to follow. 

1. @alawaffle

As a major "Parks and Rec" fan, I of course had to kick of this article about the best Instagram brunch accounts with one dedicated to waffles. The crispy exterior, juxtaposed with the fluffy center, all coated in decadent maple syrup gets me every single time. For those days that you just want a warm waffle but don't have the time to make one yourself, check out @alawaffle. This Californian-based waffle store serves up unique-flavored waffles, such as creme brûlée and matcha. Because everything is better with matcha.

2. @breakfastcriminals

Unlike the rest of the week, Sundays are reserved for taking the time to make a proper breakfast/brunch. The rest of the week is just too hectic for me to spend more than 10 minutes to prepare food before running errands or to class. However, after stalking @breakfastcriminals on Instagram, you'll want to wake up half an hour early to prep your breakfast. From bright neon smoothie bowls to roasted veggies in every color of the rainbow, you'll surely find a couple of recipes to try out for a nutrient-packed way to start your day.

3. @unconventionaleggs

Eggs are the perfect side or star of any dish. They're versatile, cheap, easy to cook, damn tasty, and aesthetically pleasing; there's nothing more satisfying to the foodie in all of us than cutting into the yolk in seeing it drip all over your plate. Though classic styles like scrambled and over-easy are already delicious, @unconventionaleggs features eggs prepared in ways that are, as the name suggests, unconventional, giving you serious motivation to try something new the next time you're at a fancy brunch place. May I suggest shakshuka?

4. @donutdigest

If I could only eat one junk food for the rest of my life, it would be doughnuts. These fried pieces of dough range from fluffy to decadent, fruity to chocolatey, simplistic to artisanal, so regardless of what mood you're in, you're bound to find a doughnut to satisfy it. To celebrate these morsels in all their beauty and diversity, @donutdigest is dedicated to featuring the best doughnut creations in Dallas, Philly, and Chicago. Promptly booking a flight to each city... now!

5. @brunchbabes_NYC

Another amazing foodie city, New York is the birthplace of countless food trends, such as edible cookie dough and charcoal ice cream (RIP). So, naturally, a NYC-based Instagram brunch page had to be included. You should follow @brunchbabesnyc because it's got a great balance between sweet and savory dishes, but also classic New York establishments and up-and-coming restaurants. 

6. @brunchandcrunch

Not only is @brunchandcrunch's IG handle name too cute, but so is her feed. A lifestyle and food account, you'll find photos of healthy brunch options, such as breakfast tacos and parfaits, along with fitness inspiration to live a balanced lifestyle. How does 9 am pilates followed by a pitaya bowl sound?

7. @forkinpancakes

A$AP Ferg once said, "I got stacks on stacks/stacks on racks," and though he was talking about money, secretly I think he meant pancakes. A thick stack of flapjacks is always the right move, and no other account stacks them quite as high as @forkinpancakes. Always dripping in syrup and topped with a generous serving of toppings (whether it be fresh berries or coconut flakes and chocolate), you'll get your fill of pancake porn every morning, and even some non-pancake eye candy, since Nick also has an eye for photographing breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and cinnamon rolls. 

8. @breakfastwithaview

Where I go to school, the weather can get pretty bad; I'm talking about snow in April. On those days, I live vicariously through my friends that live in warmer climates. @breakfastwithaview is kind of like that, but instead of better weather, it's better food and ambiance. This account reposts other people's breakfast views from all across the world (I'm talking exotic locations such as Santorini and Tokyo), which will give you major wanderlust.

9. @oatmealsny

I'm calling it right now: Oatmeal is the most underrated breakfast food. I know, I know, bold statement, but hear me out. Though oats themselves are pretty plain and boring, that means that they are the perfect vehicle for all your toppings, so you can dress up your warm, hearty bowl as you so please. As a bonus, oats are packed with healthy carbs, providing you all the fuel you'll need to get through your day. @oatmealsny, thankfully, recognizes the beauty in this under-appreciated dish. It's the world's first oatmeal bar, so even if you're not in the NYC area, you get to appreciate the warmth and goodness of a fully-loaded bowl of oats through the 'Gram.

10. @avocadotoast

I had to save the most Instagram-able brunch page for last. Avocado toast is every millennial's go-to brunch order, and it is so cherished and loved that there are accounts dedicated to posting solely images of the different ways in which this simple meal can be dressed up. Created by the famous food publication Infatuation, @avocadotoast features the very best avocado toast money can buy. It'll curb your craving for $12 avocado toast until your designated brunch day.

Whether you're going out to brunch, cooking yourself an extravagant meal, or just want to wake up every morning to some food porn, follow these Instagram brunch accounts and get your butt out of bed to get your brunching on. You might get hungry and your wallet might cry a little, but at least your stomach will be happy.