Every Netflix-subscribing, binge-watching college student knows that Parks and Recreation is the show for which automatic next-episode play was created. Lots of the Parks and Rec characters end up in Washington, DC, so presumably they all have their own favorite restaurants and hang out spots to help pass down time. Without further ado, here are the places that you will most likely find the Parks and Rec crew in Washington, DC.

Leslie Knope

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Amelia Bowen

We all know the answer to this one: Leslie. Loves. Waffles. In an effort to find a "JJ's Diner" in DC, Leslie already nailed it by discovering Lincoln's Waffle Shop on 10th Street NW - she visits in season 7 with Madeline Albright.

This all-american, no-frills diner boasts a menu bearing all the classics, from bacon and eggs combos to, of course, waffles. As an added bonus, Lincoln's is only few blocks from the greatest park of them all, the National Mall.

Ben Wyatt

Since the "Low-Cal Calzone Zone" never got to see a real store front, Ben would have settled happily for Flippin' Pizza on Connecticut Ave NW. This cool pizza joint allows for customers to design their own calzones, providing the perfect opportunity for Ben to exercise his creative genius. 

Ron Swanson

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Ron has two rules about food: there needs to be meat and it should come from Food 'N Stuff. Medium Rare, on both Connecticut and 8th NW, satisfies one of these rules. A well-known steakhouse in the District with a single prix-fixe option for dinner, Medium Rare might just rival "Charles Mulligan's" of Indianapolis with its perfectly done culotte steaks and hand-cut french fries (he might skip the garden salad that comes with dinner, though - he doesn't eat rabbit food).

April Ludgate

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Amelia Bowen

April would love the variety and options provided by &pizza. Made with anything and everything and taken to go, this pizza is perfect for eating in Madame Tussaud's. Not to mention, wandering around creepy wax figures while chowing down on a bizarre pizza-combo would make her evening. Please note, though: eating in Madame Tussaud's is strictly prohibited, which would make it more fun for April but illegal for you. 

Andy Dwyer 

No question–Andy would dig Comet Ping Pong. It's the perfect combination of pizza, beer and games. Comet is the best place to combine food and fun, and Andy would love the opportunity to wipe the floor with his well honed ping pong skills.

Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford

The classier, the better for these two luxury experts, and the classiest place for a drink in the best part of the city is Off the Record at the Hay-Adams hotel. Red satin seats, a dressed-up bar tender, and patrons from the highest levels of government - this bar is the perfect place to "treat yo' self," and maybe network with some potential investors for Tom's next big project. 

Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary Gergich

Would Jerry have been invited along? Probably not, tbh. If he had, though, he'd love Ice Cream Jubilee on Water St SE. This adorable ice cream shop offers a huge array of delicious flavors, all served with a smile in a cup or a cone. Their seasonal flavors are especially noteworthy - the Maple Rye Pecan and Salty Apple Cinnamon here would fit right in at the Harvest Festival. 

We all love the Parks and Recreation fam, and the Parks and Recreation fam loves DC. If you're ever in the capital, try to hit a few of these places in your food journeys - it could help to make you feel closer to Pawnee than you ever have before.