As a college student, you won't be able to go home for every break, including Thanksgiving break. If you can't spend it with your family, then what a great time to celebrate Friendsgiving instead! Especially if it's in New York City. 

This year I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in the city, and it's an entirely different experience. You don't get to have that traditional dinner with your family with turkey and pumpkin pies, but instead, you go out for dinner to restaurants with your friends. 

We all know that deciding on where to eat is the hardest thing ever, and especially if you have a big group of friends. So, I have come up with a "go-to" list for the next time anyone wants to spend Friendsgiving in New York City. 

Note: this list can also be resourceful for anyone visiting the city soon and doesn't know where to go. 

1. Catch

If you want to go out of your college student budget and have a fancy dinner with your friends, Catch is the perfect place to go. This seafood-based restaurant will delight you with their variety of options like the Lobster Mac & Cheese or the Spanish Garlic Octopus. Not your traditional Turkey with Mashed Potatoes, but it's good food to replace it with. 

For dessert, don't hesitate on ordering their "hit me" chocolate cake.

2. Sugar Factory

Commonly known for their sugar drinks, Sugar Factory won't disappoint you with their Chocolate Martinis or their famous Goblets. Aside from having delicious drinks though, you can also order a variety of food like their Monster Burgers. 

3. Zagar

Want to stuff your face with pasta? This restaurant won't disappoint you. With a menu full of different options of delicious pasta, you can never go wrong with their "Tagliatelle ai Gamberetti" (pasta with mushrooms and shrimp) or their "Gnocchetti alla Crema di Tartufo Bianco" (gnocchi in a creamy white truffle oil sauce). 

4. Eataly

Here's more Italian food because pasta will never let you down. Although Eataly is a place full of small restaurants inside one building, you can enjoy walking around the area deciding on which menu commands your attention, and then you can enjoy delicious Italian food.

5. Chelsea Market

Can't decide on where to eat? Go to Chelsea Market. The place is full of different restaurants and small shops. This allows you and your party to eat together, but each eat different types of food. This way you won't have to wait for hours until everyone agrees on where to go.

If you are overwhelmed by the number of places to eat here, I would recommend you to try Los Tacos No. 1.

6. Times Square

Although this is not a restaurant, Times Square is full of them. If you want to go to one of the most crowded places in the city and be basic, you have a variety of options like Dos Caminos, Olive Garden, Bubba Gump, The Hard Rock and many more. 

Although it didn't felt like Thanksgiving at all, it was fun to spend it with my friends and have a great time in the city that never sleeps. For next year, if you don't have anywhere to go, I recommend New York City if you want to try something different. If you are visiting soon, don't hesitate on going to the restaurants on this list; you wouldn't want to miss how delicious they are.