Thanksgiving break is an exciting time for college students. Students go home for the first time since August, reuniting with their family and friends for the holiday. Friendsgiving, a Thanksgiving-style meal held with friends around Thanksgiving, has become a popular tradition in the past years. Friends, old and new, gather together to spend time together, catch up, and of course eat some delicious food. Here are ten great dishes to top off a perfect Friendsgiving.


It goes without saying that turkey is a must-have dish at Friendsgiving. Preparing a turkey takes a lot of time and effort. So, you and your friends can put on your aprons and prepare the delicious turkey that will catch everyone’s eye when it’s placed in the center of the table. Slice it up and it’s ready to be served with some gravy to make it even more tasty. Also, don’t forget to break the wishbone!

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Morgan Goldberg

Butternut Squash

Even though the turkey may get the most attention, we know everyone craves those sides that are to die for. A simple, healthy, and delicious side like butternut squash will fill you up. Add some olive oil, salt, and pepper to top off this yummy side.

Nicole Sklitsis


No Friendsgiving would be complete without some delicious stuffing. This side is another Friendsgiving staple. Definitely make more than you think you need since you know everyone will being going back for a second round of stuffing. Fill up your plate with this side, pour on some gravy, and feel your taste buds jumping.

Sweet Potatoes

This yummy dish can double as a side and a desert. Toss on some mini marshmallows to be melted on and this might have you second guessing that this is dessert-- IT'S NOT!

Nicole Sklitsis


We all know calories don’t count during the Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s definitely important to incorporate those classic vegetables into your Friendsgiving meal. Make sure to include a diverse group of vegetables to make the dish even tastier. Some of the most popular veggies to include are broccoli, carrots, and zucchini.

Nicole Sklitsis

Rice and Beans

It's always a fun idea to incorporate some non-traditional Thanksgiving dishes at your Friendsgiving meal. Rice and beans is one of those. Grab a big bowl of rice, toss in some red beans, and don’t forget that delicious seasoning. This side will have everyone going back for more.

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Eva Reynolds

Mac and Cheese

Everyone loves some good mac and cheese, so it’s obviously going to make an appearance at the table. Since it is the holidays, be creative with this dish and blend together a few different cheeses-- it will have you and your friends wanting more!

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Julia Gilman

Apple Pie

Did someone say dessert? Obviously even Friendsgiving will conclude with some mouthwatering deserts. You’ve been waiting all year to stuff your face with some of the best deserts out there, apple pie being one of those. Make this pie from scratch with your friends or order it from the bakery downtown. Either way, nothing ends the perfect meal like a warm slice of that crispy apple pie you’ve been eyeing the entire meal.

Nicole Sklitsis

Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin muffins are a yummy seasonal treat that will make that dessert table look even more beautiful. Go to the store and grab a few boxes of the best mix and toss them in the oven. It’s easy and it’s definitely delicious! You’ll tell yourself to have just one, but we all know you’ll be going back for another. And another.

Nicole Sklitsis

Chocolate Chip Crumble

A chocolate chip crumble is another heavenly desert that will have you spending more time at the desert table than you may have intended. This is a simple recipe that can be found online. Your friends will definitely be thankful for this one.  

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