I am forever on Team Taylor and have watched the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video at least 50 times (in the past week). I've been slightly annoyed (read: incredibly upset) that Taylor has not come out with any more new bangers for a while, but things are looking up: Taylor Swift was spotted filming a new music video in London. 

Sources are split on whether it will be a video for a new single or for the previously released "... Ready for It," but the paparazzi has been intensely following her to get all the deets. 

The video is rumored to be inspired by her relationship with Brit Joe Alywn, and according to a source close to Swift, who spoke with The Telegraph, "The video shows Taylor on a night out. All of the locations are places she has been to with Joe." 

One of the featured locations is Kentish Delight, a kebab shop in Kentish Town, North London. 

Kentish Kebab is your average late-night eatery, open on weekends until 3 am and offering cheap, greasy eats for all your drunk cravings. Since it was announced that Swift filmed at Kentish Kebab, the shop has been mobbed with customers, "phone calls and loads of people [who] are wanting to come and take pictures," because only Taylor could make eating (presumably drunk) kebabs chic. 

Obviously it's impossible to live up to the perfection that is Taylor Swift (I mean, have you listened to "All Too Well" and not cried?), but she's making it possible to at least eat like her.

All London study abroad students take note, Kentish Kebab should be your next fave or at least go-to destination. If you're not UK bound, here are some of Taylor Swift's favorite NYC restaurants to hold you over stateside.