When Whole Food's announced they were lowering their prices as a result of the Amazon sale, I thought that I would never experience such pure joy in my life again, until now. Target made a huge announcement that they were dropping grocery prices, and this is legit what dreams are made of. 

Here are all the deets on the new grocery deals you should expect at your local Target (or as my mother says, Tar-jay). 

Drop It Low

So here's the deal: Target has realized that it's annoying af to have everything marked as a deal (and is probably trying to compete with Whole Foods), so now they are only highlighting the best bargains and making those deals even better.

According to the Target's press release, the goal is "to cut through the clutter and provide guests with great everyday value, while continuing to offer additional savings on the right products at the right times." 

Basically, this is an end to the constant barrage of so-called "steals," and the beginning of legit savings on food at Target. All of this is being done to increase your "sense of satisfaction every time [you] shop at Target," which honestly is already pretty high so I'm excited to enjoy my Target experience even more. 

The Nitty Gritty

Samantha Klig

Target's price cuts were announced on September 8 in an official press release, and it's gonna impact your entire shopping experience. There have been no details on specific price adjustments, but Target stated that this would impact many basics including milk, cereal, and eggs.

The select items have been intensely selected by Target after "months [of] looking at our entire assortment, with a focus on offering the right price every day and simplifying our marketing to make great, low prices, easy to spot." If they've been watching me, Target def knows that I exclusively buy Chobani Flips in bulk, and I hope that they act according. 

I gotta say, I will be making Target runs far more often if this price drop is as amazing as advertised. If you're not as excited about Target's price cut as I am, maybe you'll be more interested in the newest Starbucks Frappuccino collaboration with Target.