There is no doubt that Tally is crawling with hungry spirited college kids who love winning free stuff. What better way to sport our competitive nature than to do what we do best — eat. Tallahassee's eating challenges are not only gigantic and totally insane but also super tasty. So stop what you’re doing and go eat excessive amounts of food for fun. #merica

The Boss Challenge

To become “the boss,” one must conquer the Boss Dog at Super Perros. The challenge consists of two hot dogs stuffed in a hoagie roll, topped with chicken, potato chips, pineapple, cheese, and bacon.

Don’t worry, there’s more — the order also comes with two orders of either fries or tater tots, and two drinks. If you can finish all of that, the title of “boss” is yours, along with a picture on the “Wall of Fame.”

The MANwich Challenge

At Backwoods Bistro, you can wine and dine at a classy dinner — or stuff your face with three and a half pounds of food in under 30 minutes. The MANwich challenge comes with a two-and-a-half-pound pulled pork and bacon sandwich, and a pound of fries. Devour it all and you get your very own Backwoods Bistro t-shirt and bragging rights. 

The Flamethrower Pizza Challenge

The most savage of all of Tallahassee's eating challenges: The Flamethrower Pizza Challenge at Stevi B's Pizza. If you’re into ultra-spicy food and pizza, then this challenge is for you — all you have to do is eat one slice of this flaming hot pie.

Piece of cake, right? — Wrong.

This pizza is so spicy that you have to sign a liability waiver before eating it. If you can actually finish the super spicy slice, then you get a free t-shirt — but only if you can keep it down for 15 minutes. 

Ultimate Burger Challenge

Ever crave a juicy cheeseburger stacked with all the works — how about nine of them? The Ultimate Burger Challenge at Well's Brothers will do the trick. Only for the hungriest of the hungry, it consists of nine, half-pound patties stacked high with cheese and a bunch of toppings and sauces.

Dare to tackle this six-pound burger in under thirty minutes, and victory is yours, along with a free meal and your name on the “Wall of Fame.” 

So maybe you took an “L” on your mid-terms this week, and you’re pretty sure your life is over. It’s all good though, because the sport of professional eating is always an option. I’m sure nothing will make your parents prouder, then seeing your name on the Wall of Fame — and your awesome free t-shirt collection.