Lately it seems that every other person I talk to mentions Merv’s and their famous Frenchie breakfast sandwich.

I love breakfast as much as the next person, but I had a hard time understanding what the hype was all about. “Once you’ll try it, you’ll understand,” my friend told me at work one day. I figured it was finally time to give this sandwich a try after hearing about her experience.


Photo by Amanda Rodriguez

Ordering was easy. I walked into the restaurant and asked for the Frenchie with a side of their famous tater tots. The guy taking my order nodded with a smirk the minute the first letter of my order came out of my mouth.

As I sat outside waiting for my order, other people around me were enjoying their own Frenchie sandwiches. It looked rather messy. They would pour their side of syrup on top of the sandwich, but it also looked so delicious.


Courtesy of Sarah Breckler

When my Frenchie finally arrived, I got a big whiff of the caramelized bacon along and the sweetness of the French toast with powdered sugar decorating the top. The sandwich itself was beautifully presented. It was placed on a simple plate cut in half with the tater tots arranged in a small cup. I could easily see every component that made up the sandwich: the scrambled eggs, sausage patty, bacon, and cheese.

I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore. Once I poured a small amount of the sweet syrup on the inside of the sandwich, I went in for my first bite.

I knew I must have had a goofy smile on my face because the girls in front of me smiled with approval. I fell in love.

The crunchiness of the bacon, the fluffiness of the eggs, and the juiciness of the sausage and melted cheese was the perfect sweet and salty combination. Not to mention the powdered sugar and syrup on the slightly toasted bread.

I didn’t want the sandwich to end.


Photo by Amanda Rodriguez


The sandwich went great with the crunchy and perfectly seasoned tots that were on the side. The sandwich, to my surprise, wasn’t greasy or soggy.

I was very impressed at how well each component went together without making the sandwich itself too overwhelming.

The Frenchie can only be described as that one sandwich that you can go to when you’re craving something sweet and savory. I wouldn’t even consider it a breakfast sandwich because I would eat this sandwich any time of the day.

With a full belly and an empty plate, my taste buds will surely not forget my first time with the Frenchie.