Surviving finals is not an easy job. For a college student at the peak of the semester, you have 24 hours in the day to sleep, eat, and get every other priority done, which is simply not enough time. Therefore, there's a pressure to spend every minute productively studying, rather than getting lost in the virtual world of Buzzfeed quizzes and Instagram stories.

Set yourself up to be productive

Extra caffeine? Turning your phone off? Taking a quick cat nap in the middle of the library? Do whatever it takes for you to focus. If you can't seem to stay concentrated, try changing locations.

Sometimes the best study location isn't the library - test out a local coffee shop (Espresso Royale or Colectivo), or the Madison Public Library for a change of scenery. 

If you're going to do anything to help you survive finals, make sure you do one thing: GET OUT OF BED. From experience, I can guarantee that if you so much as pick up a textbook while you're near the comfort of your bed, the temptation to sleep will probably win you over. And if you can't make it out of your apartment, at least move to the couch.

Study breaks are necessary

No matter how hard you'll try to convince yourself, sitting in the library for 15 hours straight is never a good idea. Plan in advance to take a study break after a few hours of #thegrind - make lunch plans, pick up groceries, go to the gym, or hit up a workout class. 

Another option that requires a little less planning is to stay exactly where you are, open up Netflix, a book, today's news, a podcast, or anything else you enjoy. You can even use it as a way to reward yourself for finally finishing that essay. 

Keep yourself organized

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Denise Uy

When everything starts to pile up, it's pretty easy to lose track of what you have to do. Using my iPhone calendar to make a schedule and set reminders for myself has helped me in the long run in the struggle to survive finals and manage a busy schedule.

Another option is to buy a monthly agenda and use it religiously. Or, write a to-do list and put it on a Post-It note on your bathroom mirror or on your computer desktop.

Don't be too hard on yourself

You know yourself better than anyone, so you're the one who should make the call as to when you're in need of a break. If going to the drug store to get a pack of peanut M&Ms will help your focus, then so be it. Just be careful about how much sugar you have so you don't crash halfway through your study session.

If you've tried every trick in the book and just can't seem to sit your ass down and do something, don't beat yourself up about it. You're allowed to have a day to do nothing productive and not feel even a little guilty.