The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and everyone will be tuned in to watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots in a game that will be sure to entertain. With this huge sporting event equals massive amounts of wings, burgers, drinks, etc. It truly is as big a food event as it is a football game. 

But if you want to be the host of a Super Bowl party that goes down in history, here's six foods to take your bash to the top. The foods that will be on the menu are local to Atlanta and New England cuisine to give your party that authentic feel.


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Alexa O'Connell

One of New England's and the NFL's stars, Rob Gronkowski is sure to go down as one of the greatest of all time. Although he will not play in the Super Bowl due to injuries, you simply cannot ignore his presence at your party. So why not start off with a bang with the Gronk-amole with chips. This appetizer will leave your guests spiking their chips in approval for this move.

Julio's Jerk Chicken Wings

Julio Jones is simply one of the best receivers, if not one of the best players in the NFL. He has taken over the NFL with his ability and has been a leading charge in the Falcons' rise to the Super Bowl. So why not combine the electric play of Jones with the heat of a jerk chicken wing? Julio's Jerk Chicken Wings will make your guests fly as fast to the food as fast as Julio running it in for a touchdown.

LeGarette's Lobster Roll

LeGarette Blount has had a career year as the running back for the New England Patriots. He is a constant threat to pound it in for a touchdown every time he gets the ball. The lobster roll is a New England staple and truly loved by all New Englanders. The LeGarette Lobster Roll will serve as the secret weapon of the party just like Blount is for the Patriots. 

Matt Ryan's BBQ Ribs

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Rachael Worthington

Matty Ice. The name says it all for the Atlanta Falcons QB, Matt Ryan. He has been on a tear this season and would love to wrap up his MVP-quality year with a Super Bowl. For your Super Bowl party, deliver an MVP performance with BBQ Ribs, Atlanta style. These ribs will make your crowd "Rise Up" just like the Falcons this year.

Collins' Peach Cobbler

Jalen Collins is one of the key reasons that the Atlanta Falcons are in the Super Bowl. In the NFC Championship, Collins led his team to victory with several key plays that led the Falcons over the Packers. The peach cobbler is a Southern classic, so this Collins' Peach Cobbler will shut down your party leaving your guests in disbelief. You can't simply go wrong with an Atlanta classic at your Super Bowl party.

Brady's Boston Cream Pie

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Joey Teodosio

Saving the best for last. Everyone knows about Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, and with another Super Bowl victory this week will make him have a record five Super Bowls, which is unheard of. So for this Super Bowl party, end with the dessert of champions, and of New Englanders everywhere, the Boston Cream Pie. This dessert will be the cherry on top for your party and end it with a win, just like Brady himself.

With these dishes at your party, there will be no question that your guests will lift you on their shoulders celebrating the best Super Bowl party of all time.