You ever have those days at college where you leave your dorm or apartment super early in the morning and don't get back to home base until it's dark outside? When you're out and about all day long, on your feet, driving, working, learning, it's easy to forget to eat a solid meal, especially when you schedule your classes back-to-back. Even with a full agenda, eating at least three meals a day is vital to your health, as well as your ability to study. Plus, having a big sandwich or salad in the middle of the day for lunch is just good, clean fun. Make sure you don't miss a meal or snack session on campus by packing food ahead of time. These stylish lunch boxes are both trendy and ideal for keeping in your book bag or attaching to your daily tote. 

1. Sonuimy Insulated Lunch Bag, $7

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Simple, elegant, and floral is the vibe for the lunch tote. With insulation on the inside and an external pocket on the outside, this bag can also easily fit inside your backpack or duffel bag, and stay cold all day long. 

2. FUXINGYAO Reusable Lunch Tote, $11

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This lunch bag is so stylish, it looks like it could be an accessory for New York Fashion Week. If you're looking for a minimalistic and modern look, this is your perfect college lunch box. 

3. Fruit Canvas Lunch Bag, $10

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Get a lunch box that is just as vibrant and refreshing as you are. These small canvas lunch totes come in bright colors with small accents including a peach, a lemon, an avocado, and an orange.

4. Drawstring Lunch Bag, $23

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Opt for a handmade lunch tote from Etsy shop owner BryanSFinds with this leaf pattern in white and black. These stylish lunch boxes have a drawstring closure that is unlike most lunch bags you'll find at most major retailers. 

5. Ello DuraGlass Lunch Bowl, $13

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Big on meal prep? Grab this glass bowl protected with silicone and an airtight lid for easy grab-and-go in the morning. This will comfortably sit right inside your backpack all day long and is fridge and microwave-safe. 

6. Vans Realm Lunch Bag, $24

Photo via Vans

If you're a Vans girlie like I am, you know that it's just a given that you'll want an "Off The Wall" lunch box to match your grungey style. This checkered pattern lunch tote is super thin and will slide into your backpack right next to your laptop. 

7. ANDMOON Bento Lunch Box, $25

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Those bento box lunch-packing parents on TikTok who cut out little stars into cucumbers and theme their children's meals are onto something. This thin bento box is the ideal way to have a filling lunch with a bunch of little snacks. Don't worry if you don't have time to go all out on veggie cutters, though. 

8. Bentgo All-in-One Salad Container, $25

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If you love taking a fresh salad with all the toppings for your lunch, Bentgo designed a lunch container just for you. Also, this glass container is perfect for storing leftovers and taking them for lunch in the morning. 

9. Crockpot Electric Lunch Box, $40

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If you're busy all day with work, school, internships, apprenticeships, and the like, it may feel impossible to have a warm, home-cooked meal. Crockpot is here to save the day with this mini electric food warmer. You can have hot soup, pasta, rice, or whatever your stomach desires no matter where you're at with this little contraption. 

10. GLORIEROO Deluxe Lunch Bag, $25

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Go hands-free on campus with this lunch tote with an adjustable shoulder strap. This is a good option for people who need a big bag to pack a day-worth of meals, snacks, and drinks, without carrying a whole picnic basket. 

11. PackIt Freezable Snack Box, $25

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If you only need a small lunch tote, look no further than the PackIt. The teeny, tiny insulated pouch can hold your favorite snacks and one drink bottle. It even has a loop that you can clip onto the outside of your book bag or large tote bag.