Egg rumors have been around forever and somewhere along the way we started neglecting their nutritional value. First, we weren’t supposed to eat the yolk, and now people are worried that eating eggs everyday will result in high cholesterol. These are myths of the past. Stop restricting your egg intake and start thinking about all the positives of eating the whole egg as often as you’d like.


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Every egg lover at some point or another has stopped themselves and asked, “am I eating too many eggs?” The answer is probably not. Plenty of research has shown that although eggs are high in dietary cholesterol they won’t increase your risk of heart disease. In fact, they’re actually good for your health. Just because eggs are high in cholesterol doesn’t mean that it affects your body’s cholesterol the same way. Studies show that it will only raise the blood cholesterol of 30% of people who respond abnormally to the food. The other 70% will remain the same.

And if eggs do raise your cholesterol, they actually raise the good cholesterol. Yes, there are two. “Good” cholesterol (HDL) actually decreases the risk of disease. And get this, even if eggs raise the bad type of cholesterol, they actually make them less bad. There are two types of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), small and large. Small is linked to heart diseases but people with more large particles are at lower risk.


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Don’t go eating eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but if eggs are your usual breakfast there’s probably no reason to cut back. That being said, like most dietary questions, everything is personal. If you already have bad cholesterol than maybe an abundance of eggs isn’t the way to go but assuming you have a healthy system you should be fine.


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The truth is that even if you increase your egg intake, your blood cholesterol will not increase a significant amount and your body will be healthier for it. It’s time to stop thinking about the negatives and look at the healthy benefits of eggs.