I am sure everyone is excited to celebrate the long-anticipated St.Patricks day! It is important however to make sure you eat lots throughout the day, in order to make it through the day! And in my opinion, I find that there is no better way to get into the spirit and the mood of St.Patricks day than with food! 

Green Pancakes 

The first St.Patrick's Day snack idea to kick things off is of course everyone's favourite breakfast, pancakes! By beginning the morning with a fuelling breakfast such as this you're sure to have an energized day! And, if you want to get into the St. Patrick's day theme early, just add in some green food colouring. Here is an easy pancake recipe to make the day of, or the day before! 

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Jocelyn Hsu


You can never go wrong with chips and any guests you may be having will always be happy to snack on a bag (or two) throughout the day. Chips are great because you can bring them with you, but they can as well be a great snack to have once your home! You can also make some guacamole to keep with the green theme.  

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Katie Walsh


Oreos or even your typical Chips Ahoy cookies are always a hit and taste delicious. They are easy to buy and carry with you throughout the day, so if it's a sweet treat you're looking for while out on Ezra, take the time and make your way to Short Stop or 7/11 for a quick bite! You could even bake your own cookies using this simple recipe and carry them around with you for the day!

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Torey Walsh


Cupcakes are another great snack idea as you can either make them from scratch, buy a pre-made mix, or buy them already baked! Another idea to stick with the theme of green is to add green icing and other creative decorations in order to get you and your friends into the St.Patrick's day spirit! Looking for even more to keep you happy and fuelled this St.Patrick's day? Try out this boozy cupcake recipe!

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Annalee Flaherty

Green Rice Krispy Treats

Everyone loves Rice Krispy treats as they are an easy grab and go snack! They are the perfect snack idea especially if you make them green and festive. Here is a recipe for your very own, homemade St.Patrick's Day Rice Krispy's!

Green Smoothie

If you are trying to stay healthy this St.Patricks day, make yourself a green smoothie. Add spinach to whatever smoothie you make in order to give it that extra health boost, as well to stick with the theme of green! You will barely be able to taste the spinach but you will definitely feel the health benefits! 

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Kayla Zhang

Alcohol Infused Snacks

If you are really trying to get into the spirit, here are some Guinness infused food recipes. Some of these are easy to make and more exciting in comparison to your typical snack, but some you may want to make the day before so there is no hassle in the morning! 

Maria Pinzon


You can always count on chocolate to be delicious and easy to carry around with you. You can buy the share size bags as well so that you and your friends can enjoy them together! I personally love anything Hershey's and there are so many options that everyone will be happy!

chocolate bar, Hershey's, chocolate
Kayla Hawthorne


Finally, Candy! Similar to chocolate, candy is an easy snack that you can take with you anywhere. I recommend buying Starburst, since they're wrapped and therefore the worry of having everyone's hands touch your candy won't be a problem!

candy, sweet, chocolate, Starburst
Caroline Ingalls

Hopefully I have provided you with some good St.Patrick's day snack ideas for this weekend and you enjoy being creative with your friends! Be safe and have fun Golden Hawks! Happy St. Patrick's day!