With the start of fall, the number of carnivals is dwindling to a close, but here are recipes to help you satisfy those state fair treat cravings regardless of the weather.

1.Fried Oreos

cake, dairy product, doughnut, pastry, sweet
Sheng Lin

A mainstay treat to any fair-lover, here is a must-have recipe that is a lot easier than one may think.

2. Funnel Cake

cookie, cream, chocolate
Erica Swanson

A crowd favorite that will make everyone want to come to your house.

3. Lemonade

milk, sweet, citrus, lemon, lemonade, juice
Angela Pizzimenti

A recipe to help quench your thirst. 

4. Funnel Cake Fries

doughnut, beignets, chocolate, cake, candy, cookie, pretzel, bread, dough, pastry, sweet
Jennifer Nigro

A fair-favorite that combines everyone's favorites

5. Chocolate-covered Frozen Bananas

Load up on the potassium with this state fair snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and helps you get that serving of fruit. Your mom would be proud.