It's June, and this means a few things: a) it's basically summer; b) Father's Day is this month; c) more people will start going out for drinks. Most people in New York City will go to their regular watering hole, but what I'd recommend doing is heading over to Lantern Hall in Brooklyn.

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Michelle Miller

What is this Lantern Hall that you speak of?

Lantern Hall is an amazing brew hall in Bushwick, Brooklyn, that was built, and is run by father-son duo Luis and Jeff Wong. The current address of Lantern Hall, which is at 52 Harrison Place, was once a garage and was renovated into the gorgeous hall that it is now.

At first, Jeff's background was in finance until he started helping his dad, Lewis out. Jeff's dad was also involved with some very popular restaurants here in New York such as Momofuku, Sea, and Ippudo. Between Lewis' and Jeff's background and knowledge, they were able to successfully turn Lantern Hall into something major. I mean, c'mon, just look at this menu in their hall:

Not to mention that they have a pretty impressive menu on their website, but that's besides the point. Besides selling beer, they also sell vintage goods and even more beer on Sundays with the two companies in which they have paired up with, which are Spacecraft Coffee and Awesometown Market.

A cool thing to note about the beer served at Lantern Hall is that it changes weekly, and is probably a million times better than the drinks you'd get at Clinton Hall.

To persuade you to go to Lantern Hall, let me just say this: people love beer. Also, people love Momofuku. When you put one of the minds behind Momofuku along with his son and involve beer, what do you get? A very amazing beer hall. Oh yeah, did I say beer is involved in all of this?