Look to find your college major below and see what food you should be eating based on it! From English to Education there is a food that suits your major based on your traits.

English: Poké

You're creative and spunky and like your literature, you want your options....bountiful. Dig into this bowl while you're reading OR writing OR analyzing as your tastebuds go with your personal storyline : whether that is salty, sweet or piquant. (threw that in there because after all, English major, DUH)

History: Chili

Oh the tradition! Oh the culture you immerse yourself in! Why change your routine when it comes to the temple you call your body. This ol' classic is bound to leave that traditional warm feeling in your historical tummy. Warm as the victory for George Washington in the Battle of Yorktown!....betcha thought I didn't know about that. 

Political Science : Wings

Because the choice between Buffalo or Parmesan Garlic wings for you is probably just as controversial as the presidential race between Clinton and Trump. So stop hiding your frantic state and stress because of your extroversion and go to chow-town on these wings and then head back to those books. 

Mathematics : Bagels

You see the bigger picture.... or should I say equation? And because you do you want the right answer, since there is only ever one correct way to do it! And the only substitute that fits into breakfast, lunch and dinner is...bagels! Pair it with eggs or avocado or Nutella or peanut butter, the limit does not exist. Mean girls quote counts as a math joke right?

Psychology : Pasta

Open minded screams pasta so bon-appetit! If pasta was a person it would be relatively emotionally stable just like you. So because you're tolerant of all situations, you won't mind a twist on classic alfredo or just an old fashioned penne al vodka. You know the boundaries of law because you ain't no impasta....oops.

Computer Science : Pizza

Honestly, everything is so complicated in your study you are probably going to make this easy choice terribly complex. So that's why pizza is for you! As easy or as complex as you want. You can add everything under the sun so think logically about that choice between mushrooms or onions. I believe you can find the right code...hmmmm?

Communications : Tacos

Don't you just wanna taco bout it? I had to. Vegetarian or meat lover you can jam pack your taco with whatever. If you have to justify why you put so much hot sauce on your taco I'm sure you got it, public speaking is your specialty. 

Accounting / Finance : Burgers

You're big, you're bad, you're a business major, you're a finance major. What's better than after a days work having a brew and a burger? Am I right? Big numbers guy huh? Well you can add one and one together to figure out that this will not leave you in debt. That's how it works right.....?

Education : Curry

Always lending a helping hand, and you definitely aren't afraid to step out of your comfort zone so step into New Delhi and give your students something to talk about. And CURRY UP!! (like hurry up, sorry was pathetic) You can try all new sorts of vindaloos and massalas because this food screams you. 

Business Administration & Management : Subs

You're going to want something simple since everything else in your life is so complicated. So grab a foot-long or a 6 inch and bring it back to the office or enjoy a day outside before you head back in for more work. 

Pre Med : Acai Bowls

You like to mix things together to make it all work out, so this is a recipe you can make work. Yum, yum yum! You can have this meal after your lab or before or even throughout the day as it makes for a great lunch or breakfast! With endless opportunities you will never have an equation tried twice!