I gotta say, meal prepping is freaking hard. I see all these expertly designed meals and snacks on Instagram and want to make them for myself, but I end up making myself frozen veggie burgers or avocado toast because I am physically incapable of cooking. If you are anything like me, you know the cooking struggle is #real, and Spoon has a way to fix it: the Spoon University Meal Plan, powered by Chef'd. 

This is a #shamelessplug for the best meal plan on da web, and here is exactly why you need to sign up for your own meal plan. 

The Basics

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Photo courtesy of Chef'd

We've updated our OG meal plan, and it's the bomb dot com. With a subscription, you get 6 grab n go meals, 5 snacks/beverages, 5 fruits, and the ability to add on more meals if you're obsessed with their offerings, which you def will be. The total runs up to $49.99 per week, which may seem a bit pricy, but it's way cheaper than the average meal, snack, and fruit combo on campus. 

Legit Gourmet Meals

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Photo courtesy of Chef'd

Your dining hall's sad meal will not hold a candle to the insane creations from Chef'd and Spoon contributors. The options for dinner include (but aren't limited to) kale and apple salad, vegetarian burrito bowls, chicken tamales with green sauce and chipotle crema, and kale-avocado hummus wraps. If you're tryna get on the overnight oats trend, we've got you covered with some Quaker Apple Pie overnight oats. 

It's safe to say that everyone from your roommate to the person sitting next to you in your 8 am will be jealous of your seriously epic breakfast, lunch, and dinner grab n go options. 

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

Photo courtesy of Chef'd

I am certainly a snack aficionado, but I got nothing on this Chef'd box. I mainly subsist on bars and yogurt, which are certainly yummy but not the most interesting of treats after a while. We switched up the snacks often so you never get bored, and their options are legit incredible. Look at those dried pineapple rinds and bougie peanut butter cups. Yum. 

Although the meal plan has been changed slightly from the previous installment, here are some of the snacks that were offered so you can get the ~vibez~ of the Spoon University x Chef'd Meal Plan

I would recommend ordering this thing for yourself ASAP because, one, feed yo' self, and, two, the Sunday Scaries are real and meal prepping is daunting. You can find more pricing details and subscribe here. I don't know about you, but Spoon University's Chef'd Meal Plan is literally gonna be my savior this semester.