Being in college is a delicate balance between adulting and pretending you don't have any responsibilities. For all of the over-scheduled, sleep deprived students who are still trying to eat a balanced diet, the Spoon University meal plan is a life-saver.

They'll hook you up with two fresh, pre-portioned meals per week that will make you feel like your mom came to visit and six grab-and-go meals for when there are just not enough hours in the day. They'll even send five pieces of fresh fruits for your daily dose of vitamins.

Fancy meals and incorporating fruit into your diet are awesome, but all we really care about are the snacks. Luckily, the Spoon University meal plan sends an assortment of amazing and good-for-you snacks and beverages that will give your workout, study session or movie night a boost.

Check out some of our most popular snacks:

1. Coke Life

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Coke Life is the refreshing mid-afternoon pick me up that you've been looking for. Because it is naturally sweetened with Stevia and cane sugar, grabbing a cold, crisp bottle of Coke life is a perfect drink for between classes or a late night study session.

2. Quaker Real Medley's

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Mornings are pretty hectic for most college students, so starting yours with a Quaker Real Medley is a quick and nutritious breakfast before you head out the door. These Medley's come in a variety of flavors and are easy to eat on your walk to class.

3. Smartwater

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Hydration is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this Smartwater takes it to a whole new level. It has added electrolytes that will give you some extra energy along with your fill of H2O.

4. Smartwater Sparkling

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Sparkling Smartwater has all the same benefits of regular Smartwater, but is a nice change for when you're feeling bougie. Packed with invigorating bubbles, this crisp drink pairs well with any snack or meal you could think of.

5. Quest Cereal Bar

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Eating protein just got a whole lot better, because now it comes in chocolate, waffle and cinnamon flavors. These Quest cereal bars look like an unhealthy snack, but they're exactly the opposite.

This is finally the sweet snack you've been looking for, but with a low carb content and tons of protein. Quest wasn't kidding when they said that this bar is #beyondcereal. 

6. Sun-Maid: Traditional Raisin

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Ditch the artificial ingredients in sports gels and chews for the natural energy found in Sunmaid raisins. These 90-calorie packs are the perfect pre-workout snack; they can pump up your speed and endurance to make your gym time count.

7. ZICO Coconut Water

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Sometimes staying hydrated with regular, old water can be boring, but ZICO Coconut Water will keep you feeling fresh with a new great taste.

This all-natural beverage is a nutrient powerhouse. It provides the electrolytes and minerals you need to ace your finals, crush your presentation or nail your interview.

8. Moose Munch Popcorn

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If you ask me, the best kind of snacks are dessert. This Moose Munch popcorn comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or caramel flavors and is the ultimate premium caramel popcorn.

Every flavor is the perfect match between buttery, rich caramel and truffle quality chocolate— so you can't go wrong. Every batch is made in Harry & David's Southern Oregon Candy Kitchen with real butter, cashews and almonds. Moose Munch popcorn is an anytime, anywhere snack.

9. Natierra Raspberry Freeze-Dried Fruit

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Natierra is a company that keeps your health and your wallet in mind. Their affordable, dehydrated berries are organic, GMO free, raw and gluten free all with the same refreshing flavor of fresh raspberries. They also pay a premium to their sourcing community, to help create the highest quality product. 

These single-serve bags are easy to throw in your backpack and keep around for long days in class or snack on to give you a quick fix before an exam.

Eating well and hitting the gym while getting that degree can be pretty tough, but now a weekly grocery store trip doesn't have to be on your to-do list. Let Spoon go shopping for you and we'll get you set with anytime snacks to get you through when the semester gets tough.

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