If you love trying and making new foods and consider yourself a foodie, then Spoon University at Fordham is the place for you. At Fordham, budgeting your money and eating well can get super hard, because going out with friends in the city and ordering out adds up fast. Fordham, as such a small campus, has very limited options and you can only eat the same thing so many times before going completely insane.

Spoon University at Fordham will introduce you to great restaurants and grocery stores in the local area, as well as fellow foodies at Fordham.

Fordham can be a difficult place for a foodie; college in general can make it hard for anyone to eat well. Spoon University, and our generation in general, loves when a purchase has meaning or some sense of common good behind it. With Spoon, you'll get to visit the local restaurants and grocery stores that are not only delicious, but trendy too! Since everyone else in Spoon University at Fordham is also a broke college student in desperate need of fruits and vegetables, our trips and adventures can help you eat well, without spending all the money you saved up over the summer within the first two weeks of school (Been there, done that).

Club meetings have included some great snacks and some delicious favorites, such as the best pizza competition, including pizza from all-time favorites such as Pugsley's and Full Moon (We love you longtime Pugs). The best part about Spoon is that you get to help us choose what food adventure we go on next.

Spoon University at Fordham has an advantage that many colleges do not have-- we are a 20 minute train ride from Manhattan, home to thousands of restaurants with unique recipes and foods.

Spoon University will help make you aware of everything that the area around Fordham has to offer, such as the Retail Market and dozens of bakeries and Italian restaurants on Arthur Avenue, or Pizza Studio and Ram's Deli on Fordham Road. Not only that, but by being a part of Spoon, you'll learn so much from your fellow foodies and how they are handling things like meal prepping and budgeting food expenses. Additionally, by joining Spoon you'll have the support and platform to share the things you are passionate about, such as a favorite restaurant or family recipe. Especially for those who feel like they can't find the right friend group in college -- what better to bond over than food?

With Spoon's bake sales, we like to incorporate something for everyone, including gluten free, nut-free and vegan options. If you love to bake, Spoon's frequent bake sales will be the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and tasty baking skills, and by participating, you're helping to fund our next trip for more delicious food!

With such limited places to eat at Fordham, Spoon might be just what you need to dig out that pan from under your bed and get creative with your food again. 

Spoon University at Fordham is just one chapter of many, so when you're visiting a new town or state, you have a whole army of foodies that can help you find the best new food or restaurant to try. The Spoon University community can even help you find a bae, so what more could you ask for?