After a long night out (or in the library), college students are focused on one thing: food. Sadly, Cox is closed, the DUC is asleep and Zaya’s just won’t cut it. Where do you go to satisfy those late night cravings?

Your best option? Fellini’s Pizza. As one of the best pizza spots in Atlanta even during normal hours, Fellini’s is a quality choice. Despite the fact that they don’t deliver, Fellini’s is your cheapest, easiest option and only an Uber or carbide away. Did I forget to mention it’s also the yummiest? Fellini’s will throw on any topping you can dream of. If you’re not feeling too adventurous, their plain slices are above par as well.

The obvious option is Domino’s. Before you skip over this cliché college drunchie, wait! Domino’s takes Dooley Dollars! This life changing information can save you the tragedy of finding an empty wallet in the morning. A huge plus is that their delivery is super quick, and their online food tracker lets you see where your delivery is, instead of forcing you to stand at the door drooling. Order some cheesy bread, get a pie (or two) and enjoy.

If you’re craving something other than pizza, Victory Sandwich Bar should be your move. Their $4 sandwiches are killer, with fresh ingredients like prosciutto, chorizo and smoked pork. Plus, Vic’s is an awesome spot to hangout late night, complete with a ping pong table. Full of hipsters and located about ten minutes from campus in Inman Park, this is the most gourmet you’re going to get at 2am. If you’re in the area, it’s definite a great place to munch.

Finally, we have the Woodruff WReC room. Located in the basement of Woodruff Residential Center, the cafeteria is a hidden gem at Emory. It’s extremely convenient for those who live in Woodruff, or perfect for someone who doesn’t mind taking a walk in this gorgeous Atlanta weather. Why is it worth the walk? Because they serve BREAKFAST ALL DAY. Pancakes at midnight? I’ll take ’em. (A plus for freshman: they take meal swipes!)

Next weekend, don’t go to bed hungry! Try any of these delicious places and enjoy some munchies after hours with some good friends.