When Spoon PSU was offered the opportunity to give back this November, we jumped right on it. Basically, we were told that local State College families are in need this holiday season and that food was being collected to help them feed their families this Thanksgiving. You know if it involves food, Spoon PSU is in.

So what we had to do was pretty simple. As a chapter, we collected all the Thanksgiving essentials such as canned fruits and veggies, stuffing and bread mixes, pie filling plus a crust and of course a gift card for the purchase of a turkey! 

All of the items were beautifully placed into a big, white laundry basket to be easily transported to their new owner. Topping all of the goods was a personal, Thanksgiving card from our chapter to the family (so yeah, basically the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie).

cake, chocolate, pumpkin, cookie, candy, sweet
Oriana Abreu

Sure, you could say we gave a lot this holiday, but really we received a lot more. Semester after semester, Spoon writes the best of the best articles about the newest food trends, recipes and hacks. But what I tend to forget too often is that not everyone can access food so easily. 

Thanksgiving is about food, yes, but what it's about even more is gathering around a table decorated with food and surrounded by friends and family. Speaking for all of us from Spoon PSU, I can say that we're so honored to be able to help a family gather around the table for another year. 

Oriana Abreu

All you spoonies and readers out there, do something good. Be a catalyst for kindness and make a difference that'll last a lifetime - you won't regret it.