Do you attend Penn State University and love food? Do you enjoy writing, photography, leadership, social media, and/or community events? You could be a perfect candidate to join our organization; the Penn State chapter of Spoon University. We have opened our application and here are reasons you should join our chapter.

1. Food and Fun

At our weekly meetings we talk about food so we can write about food, take photos of food, tweet about food, Instagram about food, and more (about food). From making recipes and posting them on the site, to community events, we have a fun time centered around our favorite topic: food.

2. Looks Good On Your Resume

Your work publicized nationally: how many times have you had the opportunity to write that on your resume? Let alone have hundreds, or even thousands, of page views. Who’s to say you can’t write and take photos? Join our club and do it all.

3. Opportunities


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

At Spoon University, you get swag and win gift cards on occasion. Most-importantly, each chapter connects to headquarters which offers internships every year, as well as other networking opportunities.

This club may seem like just a club where we exclusively write about food, but it’s much more than that and contains doors you never thought you could open.

4. Challenge Yourself


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Our chapter seeks ambitious, creative minds who love to try new things and don’t back down from the hard stuff. Let’s be honest, to keep any site getting page views it has to have a strong backbone. Join our chapter and you could be part of the heart that keeps PSU Spoon University alive.

Working in WordPress, contributing story ideas about local or national food concepts, helping with events, and staying in the know with the latest food-news; if these sounds like you don’t hesitate to apply here.