If you know me, then you know that my go-to drink is water. I know, it's not the most exciting beverage. Recently, I've been on the hunt for flavorful water drinks to spruce up my routine and Spindrift is one of my new favorites! A few months ago, I had the chance to try their newest Pineapple flavor and from there I was hooked. Spindrift has officially launched their newest Drifter Pack and here's everything you need to know. 

Spindrift Drifter Pack 

Photo courtesy of Spindrift

Spindrift prides itself on using traceable ingredients such as real squeezed fruit and sparkling water to create their delicious beverages. Depending on what you're craving, there is a flavor for everyone. The Drifter Pack includes all 11 flavors plus an extra Pineapple can for a total of 12 cans. The flavors include Grapefruit, Blackberry, Cucumber, Lemon, Raspberry Lime, Orange Mango, Strawberry, Half & Half, Cranberry Raspberry, Lime and Pineapple. 

I've had the chance to try all of the flavors and my favorites are definitely Half & Half and Orange Mango. I drank the Orange Mango while I was relaxing by the pool and felt that I was transported to a beach oasis.

In addition to being delicious, Spindrift is non-GMO and has no added sugar. 

Not only can Spindrift be enjoyed on its own, but also in a cocktail. Click HERE to find some recipes for mimosas, margaritas and more!

Where To Buy The Spindrift Drifter Pack

The Spindrift Drifter Pack will be available for a limited-time on their website for $24.99. As part of your purchase, you'll receive a Spindrift bandana which is perfect for a summer picnic or spending some time by the pool. 

With every Drifter Pack purchased, you can give one to a friend for FREE. How cool is that!?

To learn more about Spindrift, make sure check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram