Recently, I have been obsessed with watching videos on YouTube, and most times I end up at a completely random video about 20 minutes later. That's exactly how I found out about the popular Spicy Ramen Challenge. I thought that if YouTubers can do challenges like these, then I sure as hell am just as qualified! For some ungodly reason, my friends and I thought it was a good idea to try the Spicy Ramen Challenge not once, but twice.

Upon First Glance, I Didn't Know What to Think

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Rachel Anne Ramos

My friend bought 2 five packs of Samyang brand Ramen, the flavor being spicy chicken. The noodles are the standard instant noodles, so I cautiously proceeded to take a whiff of the sauce packet. It's a sweet smell, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. It didn't smell out of the ordinary, so it can't be that bad, right? 

I Dove In Headfirst and Took My Chances

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Rachel Anne Ramos

The flavor of the noodles is pretty good, and it has a hint of sweetness to it (surprisingly). But I was wrong about it not being that spicy. The heat crept up on me, and punched me right in the throat. I could feel myself starting to sweat with every bite. The worst part was when I tried breathing through my mouth, the spice only intensified. My lips began to tingle and burn. Forget about the plumping products out there – just eat this spicy ramen and you'll have Kylie Jenner lips in no time.  

The first time my friends and I tried it, we all finished fine, but were definitely hurting afterwards. For the second attempt, I convinced another friend to do it with me. She took it like a champ, but she's also the friend that purposely goes to restaurants to win spicy food challenges. That deserves mad respect.

Overall, the noodles were way hotter than I expected, but it was definitely doable. I'm proud to say I've successfully completed the Spicy Ramen Challenge twice. If you've got a night with nothing to do, this burning hot challenge will keep you occupied, and it'll be sure to entertain anyone else who's watching.