It's 2017 and everything is weird and unicorns are growing in popularity, including in your beverage selection. In the era of chic sparkling waters and a millennial pink obsession, Arla, a large milk producer in the UK, is launching a carbonated pink milk beverage.

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Alex Frank

As milk sales continue to plummet, with non-dairy beverages on the rise, Arla is taking a novel approach to stand out in the dairy aisle. 

By adding carbonation and "sparkling fruit" to milk, Arla's ready-to-drink pink, fizzy beverage will certainly attract attention from consumers of all ages.

In a press release, the company says it wants to "challenge soft drinks with healthier milk-based alternatives." It also hopes that this new beverage will create an increased demand for their products and "triple" the amount of money they make off milk-based products by the year 2020. 

Details about the fizzy, pink milk drink remain vague. All that is currently known is that it will be some combination of fruit, milk, and bubbles, and will be fat free. 

Arla plans to release the beverage first in the UK, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, with plans to eventually bring their carbonated milk drinks to people around the globe.

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Jake Popescu

While there's no telling how Arla's new drink can taste, one can only imagine it's sort of like a fruity ice cream float... minus the richness of ice cream. Only time will tell if millennials and parents find it tasty enough to replace matcha as their drink on the side of their avocado toasts.