Spaghetti is a staple not only in Italian households but in countless other households as well. The main ingredient for any Italian grandmother-approved spaghetti is, of course, the sauce. The sauce is set on low heat where all the flavors of the tomato, basil, onion, garlic and olive oil come together in a harmonious way. The pasta itself is the sustenance of the dish, and it traditionally has to be cooked "al dente" and lightly tossed in olive oil. This traditional dish usually doesn't get changed around much... until now.

We consider ourselves to be radically creative college students, well-versed in the delicate art of dining hall improvisation. There's no limit to what we can come up with.

So here's our sweet twist

spaghetti, pasta, sauce, chicken, tomato, vegetable
Perla Ocadiz

We've unapologetically amped up the traditional spaghetti dish using coconut oil and fresh mozzarella cheese. Yup, you read that right. This creamy and subtly sweet combination will have you day dreaming about tropical beaches. Can't you hear the ocean waves and taste the piña coladas already?

We know, we know, you're probably shaking your head at us for trying a combination like this. But trust me, it's one of the best food decisions we've ever made. You see, coconut oil complements the cheesiness and sweetness of the tomatoes and basil in the sauce. Apart from its impressive nutritional profile, it's unlike every other type of oil. It has a lower tolerance for heat –you would not want to fry something up in it or leave it for a long time on a skillet.

That's why it's best to smother it throughout something of much substance, like pasta! After you have served yourself a generous amount of noodles and sauce, smother on coconut oil and watch it melt right away.

Now, let's talk about the Mozzarella cheese for a hot sec. I know most people might think that Mozzarella Cheese is only for pizza and lasagna, for cheese lovers, for certain dishes at a certain time. But there's no limit to what you can do, so don't be afraid to sprinkle the stuff all over your pasta. It'll be melted, hot and oozing and delectable. This is like the spray tan to a model, the personality to a sexy character; the cheese is just the finish you need for an adventurous dish.

Radically bold and different

spaghetti, chicken, pasta, sauce, tomato
Perla Ocadiz

The combination of coconut oil spaghetti with Mozzarella cheese has flavors from Italy and under that, layers from the tropics. It's quite the sauce-y makeover.

Although those around you may be a bit skeptical about this change, don't let 'em bring you down. After the first fork-full, they'll be begging you for another plate. What can we say, it's that coconut oil... it's just the sweetness that you've been longing for. The dish is a rebellious way to impress the Italian grandmother in your life, or perhaps just to entertain your palate. You choose!