Have you ever wanted to honor a spreadable dessert food with an elaborate themed festival in a town square? Somerville is way ahead of you. Among the town's many festivals, celebrating everything from dogs to art and food, What the Fluff is really the Coachella of niche suburban festivals.


This year's What the Fluff Festival marks 101 years since the legendary invention of Fluff by Somerville's own Archibald Query, right in Union Square. The spreadable marshmallow treat might be known to some as a gooey mess best left in elementary school fluffernutters, but to residents of Somerville it's a source of local pride. For the 13th year in a row, the festival will attract over 15,000 people to enjoy creative Fluff treats, Fluff-themed activities, performances, and fun for all ages. 

Each year has a particular theme around which the festivities revolve. This year celebrates the spooky number 13, and whatever luck or misfortune may be associated with it. Illusion, magic, and fantasy await in this imaginative playground for the child in each of us.

Good, Gooey Eats

Among the vendors serving up creative Fluff treats are Honeycomb Creamery, Union Square Donuts, Top Shelf Cookies, Tipping Cow Ice Cream, and many more. Savory food is also on the menu with vendors of Indian food, pierogies, and pizza.

Even if fluff isn't your favorite snack, there are a plethora of other unique activities to enjoy. Check out the live performances including improv shows, bands, and DJ's that'll keep the party going all afternoon. Nearby, the Department of Shenanigans hosts gooey games such as Fluff Jousting, Fluff Musical Chairs, and, for the brave, Fluff Hairdos, plus so many more sticky shenanigans. A cooking contest celebrates enthusiastic chefs and their passion for creative and delicious Fluff recipes.

This year's festival will be Saturday, September 22 from 3pm to 7pm in Union Square, Somerville, MA.