In light of the donut trend we’ve found ourselves in the midst of, I decided it was time to finally visit an established donut shop that I’ve had on my checklist for over a year now–Union Square Donuts. If you want Union Square Donuts on the weekend you have to be committed to one, getting there early (I’m talking 7:30 am early) and two, being really full (because these donuts are HUGE).

At least in my case I was really full because obviously I had to try almost every flavor they had. I didn’t wake up at 6:30am for nothin’! I took a donut pilgrimage if you will, trekking through the snow (slash calling an Uber) all the way to Somerville to reach my glorious doughy destination.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

It is all too easy to say, but “it’s so far,” and “it’s too early,” but I guarantee you, you won’t want to make these excuses any more. These donuts are mind blowing. They are gigantic, dense yet fluffy, simple yet beautiful, decadently sweet and some even a bit savory. Needless to say, these donuts are not for the faint of stomach.

Prices of the donuts range from $2.75 to $3.50, not too bad really considering you are getting a donut the size of your face. They also make some vegan donuts every day so vegans—there is no excuse to not go.

Here’s the list of donuts I sampled (by sampled I mean three friends and myself sat in front of the entire box cutting pieces, which turned into devouring bites of one after the next; it was magical):

1. Boston Cream (unreal pastry cream, dark chocolate frosting)
2. Coffee Cream (fluffy, sweet coffee cream-filled, powdered sugar)
3. Berry Pistachio (tart and light, perfect for spring)
4. Green Tea + Black Sesame (lightly flavored, pleasant, almost savory)
5. Chocolate Covered Pretzel (slightly savory, nice crust, salt)
6. PB+J (the best PB+J you have ever had, totally fresh)
7. Chocolate Marble (classic, dark chocolate and vanilla icing)
8. Vanilla Bean (simple and incredible, visible vanilla bean specks)
9. Sea Salted Bourbon Caramel (packs a bourbon punch, salt note)
10. Toasted Coconut (warm, fluffy, coconut-y, deliciousness)
11. Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch (buttery toffee crunch)
12. Chocolate Cake (dense chocolate cake, deep, dark chocolate glaze)
13. Birthday Cake (makes you feel like it is your birthday—dense cake, dark chocolate frosting, rainbow sprinkles galore)

And the aftermath…


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

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