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Sometimes called Farinata and pictured above, Socca is a French chickpea crepe. A headache-free recipe has three ingredients which are chickpeas/garbanzo beans, olive oil, and water. Simple, no? It’s idiot-proof and even my cereal-for-dinner roommate and canned-ravioli-mom can whip it up.
The basic recipe is delightful on its own and is what is sold on the streets of Nice and markets all over France. The great part about making this at home allows your inner adventurous chef to take over. Socca is a blank canvas. It is so versatile that even hummus-haters and chickpea-dissers will find a scrumptious way to eat it.

There are many reasons why Socca is the bomb.

1. It’s French.


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Fine wine and cheese ain’t the only thing the French know how to do right. Socca is the street food of choice in Nice, so says food guru David Leibovitz, and for good reason.

2. It’s easy to make.


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Three ingredients make up the base of this scrumptious crepe slash pancake. Chickpea flour, which sounds weird but is easier to find than you think (usually in the baking isle or health food section of grocery stores) water, and olive oil.

3. It’s versatile AF.


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Though technically a crepe, it goes way beyond being just being folded because it’s less delicate and heftier in texture than a flour crepe. Once you have socca you can wrap it, pizza it, dip it; baby you can have whatever you like. It’s flexible (literally.)

If you have a spice cabinet (assuming you do if you like any type of flavor when you cook), then the variety of soccas you can make are endless. If you have leftover herbs, toss them in your socca for a fresh and summery flavor. Caramelized onion mixed in the batter? Yup. Cayenne for a fiery kick? Go for it. Even cinnamon or chocolate can be added for a sweeter version. Socca gives regular crepes, and dare I say BREAD a run for its money.

4. It doesn’t taste like hummus.

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And that’s a good thing, cause its better in a different way. Just like roasted chickpeas have that crispy, yet creamy texture to them, so does socca. Hummus is lovely on its own right but its hard to compete with the flavors that a cast iron skillet and screaming hot oil give these humble beans.

5. It’s healthy AND cheap.

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After your full of garbanzo bean goodness, treat yourself to a cocktail (or several) to cost average this spectacular saving of money cause ya girl only shelled out three dollars for an entire bag of chickpea flour.  Yup, a bag of chickpea flour is about as expensive as a bag of plain ole flour. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan, high-protein, vegetarian, you name it. It’s just about free of everything besides flavor. It’s practically a superfood.


6. It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dare I say dessert?

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Soccas can be enjoyed any part of day for just about any meal. Socca filled with one of these light salads for lunch or as a side with a fancy lamb stew. Chocolate socca for dessert? Yup, that’s a thing.

So there it is. Socca is the underestimated king of crepery for all the health-nuts, those lazy AF in the kitchen, or those just looking to switch what they wrap their hummus-turkey combo in. Break out that skillet and swirl some chickpea batter, you won’t regret it.