Peeps are the ever-popular marshmallow treats that arrive in stores each Easter season, taunting customers with their bright colors and sugar coated faces. I don’t know about you, but those guys have never seemed all that appealing to me. Their nutrition label poses the most worry, with sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin making up the majority of the small birds. I don’t know how the makers of this product got away with something so unhealthy, but here we are.

If Peeps are your guilty pleasure, you might want to put them down and switch to something that won’t stick to every crevice in your mouth and end up making you feel bloaty and sick in the stomach. Meet SmashMallow, the delightfully snackable marshmallows made with 100% organic sugar and all-natural ingredients like fruit juice, tapioca syrup, and vanilla extract. They're also gluten-free, meaning they can be enjoyed by all .

SmashMallows come in seven different flavors, which provide a rainbow of choices that provide an equal replacement to all those interesting Peep varieties (fruit punch? why?). Flavors include toasted coconut pineapple, cinnamon churro, strawberries and cream, mint chocolate chip, meyer lemon chia seed, and more.

Additionally, a serving of four marshmallows is only 80 calories, making these the perfect, healthy snack for a demanding sweet tooth. They also make a great topping for hot chocolate or as a base for a s’mores dip. Or you could get creative and dip them in melted dark chocolate and top with sprinkles for a sweet dessert after Easter dinner.

Buy SmashMallows by the pack either online or at a select store that offers them. I promise they’ll make for a better Easter basket treat than those Peeps.

SmashMallow products were sent to me free of charge, however all opinions are my own.