You heard it here first Spoonies: Skoop has finally arrived with free rides for all. This pedicab service offers free transport around downtown East Lansing, including Michigan State's campus, and there's no catch. Basically, Skoop is making our food dreams come true by giving us free rides to our favorite restaurants.

The genius behind these wheels is Josh Cooper, an advertising management sophomore at MSU. He came up with the idea for Skoop as a freshman while walking home late at night wondering why there wasn't a more cost-effective way to travel short distances in East Lansing.

Cooper states that "Skoop's Mission is to build relationships, support, and sponsor local businesses." To do so,  advertisements purchased by local East Lansing businesses are displayed on the back of each Skoop pedicab. These advertisements help support Skoop's pedicab services and allow the cabs to be 100% free to passengers. Advertisers themselves are then able to spread the word about their local businesses around town, so it's a win-win situation.

Okay, so back to the exciting part: These cabs are 100% free. That's right, free! They run all day and are here for all of our food needs.

Not only do they run on MSU's campus, but they also run all over East Lansing. Want to get breakfast off-campus and you have no access to a motorized vehicle? Does spending money on an Uber sound so unpleasant you would rather starve? Take a FREE Skoop to any breakfast joint in East Lansing, so now you can head over to Beggars Banquet via free transportation to get your "Dude Looks Like A Veggie Bowl," a staple vegetarian egg dish for die-hard brunchers in East Lansing.

After hitting the bars and spending way too much money on booze and cover at Harper's, why pay more to ride somewhere? The Uber surge is always high at night, but guess what? There is a free ride waiting for you just outside the bar to take you anywhere you need to go. Skoop will pick you up and take you to Conrad's to get your "DWB 'Drunk White B*tch'" wrap. The ride will be free, and your drunchies will be satisfied.

But wait, that's not all: Skoop also teams up with local food businesses to offer their passengers and customers great food deals. For example, Skoop has teamed up with Bell's Pizza for a "buy one and get one free pizza" coupon. Several other deals like this can be found around East Lansing sponsored by  Skoop and other local food joints.

So, if you see a Skoop in East Lansing cycling by, all you need to do is flag it down, hop in, and tell it where you need to go. You have free transport, and you can satisfy your hunger at a moment's notice.

You're welcome East Lansing #RideSkoop.