It’s safe to say most MSU students enjoy indulging in a late-night bite at Conrad’s, but MSU senior Olivia Duong has taken it to the next level: she’s eaten every single wrap Conrad’s has to offer.

Duong said she began eating Conrad’s her freshman year like most MSU students, but she didn’t decide to eat all 32 wraps on the menu until welcome week of her senior year.

“During welcome week I think I just thought, ‘Hey, this would be a good idea, to try all of them before I leave,'” she said.

By October of 2015, Duong said she’d finished her journey of eating every Conrad’s wrap.


Photo by Olivia Duong

“Every time I would go out, I made it a point to go to Conrad’s or get it delivered to me,” Duong said.

Her top 5 wraps are the Number One, JFK, T-Tot Special, Best One, and Skills Mills, and her absolute favorite is “probably the T-Tot Special.”

What set these wraps apart from all of the other wraps Conrad’s offers? Duong called the Number One “the quintessential Conrad’s wrap. You can’t not like it,” she said.

Duong said the T-Tot Special is her favorite because of the tater tots. “Double. Tater. Tots. Honestly, I did not realize how much I love tater tots until I tried this wrap. Like the JFK, the jalapenos give it a good kick and makes the wrap more flavorful overall,” she said.

Duong said her friends thought trying every wrap was a good, funny idea: “They were all like wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.”

She said she enjoyed this experience because Conrad’s is something you can only get in East Lansing, and because of how popular it is among MSU students. “It’s like an institution here.”

Duong did offer some advice for anyone who might want to eat all 32 Conrad’s wraps. “If you actually want to try every single one, I would not wait until senior year to do it,” she said.