From an early age, I have had an infatuation with food. I'm not sure it is because I've been watching Food Network since I arrived out of the womb or just found pleasure in its ability to bring people together. No matter the reason, I have been drawn to it in many forms, whether that be indulging in it with friends, spending many nights whipping up new recipes, or writing about it in my college essay. Since I have known of the word, I have been a foodie.

The word foodie has been thrown around in pop culture lately. It seems that anyone with a love for food slaps the label on themselves. I can't blame them: food is the GOAT. The foodie subculture is quite open, but there are some clear indicators of a true foodie. Below, you will find a few of the benchmark tests of what it takes to classify yourself as a foodie.

1. You will try any and all foods

seafood, shellfish, oyster, fish, lemon, mussel
Catherine Van Helden

"Picky eater" was definitely never used to describe you as a child. While you have food standards, you aren't afraid to try new foods.

2. You think about your next meal way in advance

prep for our #zencook lunch today...

Arne Krueger on Flickr

When you're eating breakfast, you're dreaming about your four-course dinner that you've been prepping for all week.

3. The restaurants you eat at on vacation is just as important as the hotel you stay at

Your ultimate destination is anywhere that is known for amazing eats. Often, the location isn't booked if there isn't good food around.

4. A party is only good if they have food

...or a dog, but let's be real: good food=good party.

5. Your explore page on Instagram is only food

Marisa Palace

When you look through recent posts or your explore page, you are destined to find more than a fair share of food pics.

6. You learned your cooking skills from Food Network

Ina Garden and Giada De Laurentis are basically your moms. They taught you the difference between chiffon cake and sponge and how to cut an avocado. 

P.S. Thank you!

7. Photo before the food. Period.

If you didn't take a picture, then you didn't eat it.

8. You rank the holidays by the best food

If you have a sweet tooth, your favorite holiday is obviously Halloween. For me, my favorite holiday is Yom Kippur for the bagels, lox, and kugel.

9. When people need a restaurant recommendation, you are the first person they go to

Lexi Shepherd

One of my favorite moments as a writer for Spoon was when my friend was looking for a good restaurant in Downtown Freehold, NJ and just happened to use my 2016 article for advice. It was not until the end of the article that she realized I was the author.

10. You browse grocery isles to see if the latest food release has made it to your grocery store

The grocery store is a haven of all new releases. After your favorite food blogger posts about spotting a new Ben and Jerry's flavor at Stop and Shop, you'll be on the road in just a few to your local store.

11. You know how to say all of the weird, exotic food names

After watching so many food shows and reading up on Food Network and Tastemade Snapchat stories on the daily, it becomes commonplace to refer to any food, no matter the pronunciation—açaí, gyro, La Croix, quinoa, pho.

12. Your budget has way too much allotted for food

Instead of luxury handbags and designer sunglasses, your paychecks fund your food habit. It's not our fault WholeFoods is so expensive.

13. You know the difference between macaroons and macarons

Macaroons are moist, coconut cookies and macarons are the French cookie sandwich as pictured above. Yes, it's a big deal.

14. If you followed a recipe and it turned out bland, you have many things in your pantry to add

Your kitchen is more organized than most of your life. You've got spices for days and know which ones pair well together.

15. You dream of having every kitchen appliance possible

We're talking blow torch, KitchenAid stand-mixer, milk frother, and spice grinder.

16. Buffets aren't just a meal; they are a challenge

Showing up to a buffet means game on.

17. If someone has leftovers, they know who they belong to

Dinners with friends are a great excuse to eat your friend's dinners.

18. Grocery shopping is a fun day trip

You love going down different isles to see all the varieties of food. It is a particularly special day if you find some new food releases or a hidden gem. The most iconic place to do this has to be Trader Joe's (if uk, uk).

Food is a great tool to bring people together. Often, food brings a sense of familiarity to any situation. It is something anyone can connect with. Whether you eat food to live or live to eat food, we can all appreciate its qualities.