The best thin crust pizza around? Got it. What about sushi? You have three options to choose from. You can't forget about the Cuban food, fresh Mexican cuisine, creamy gelato, and the soulful breakfast spots Downtown Freehold has to offer. You want it—this town's got it.

Living in the town over, the quick 10-minute ride is so worth the awesome food choices you get. The town has got a few shops, but the main focus is the food. All the restaurants are within walking distance of each other.

On a Saturday night, it's hard to find a restaurant without a wait. While you wait, be sure to check out the live entertainment they have around. The town has its own Freehold Idol where people of all ages have a chance to perform in front of the Monmouth County Hall of Records. People from local towns, as well as places such as NY, PA, and even Boston have come out to share their voices. After multiple weeks of competition and judging, the final three are rewarded with prizes. But above all, you don't want to miss these eats.

1. Oyako Tso's

A Japanese restaurant that's got it all— hibachi and sushi, plus a few Chinese and Thai dishes. Every day, the menu features "Half Price Sushi." What's better than your favorite food at the best price possible? Whether watching an extravagant cooking show, flames and all, or chowing down on some inexpensive sushi, you will not be disappointed.

#SpoonTip: While they may not specialize in Thai food, the Pad Thai is out of this world, using the perfect amount of seasoning. Not to mention the huge dinner portion is under 10 bucks. It's the perfect side dish to share in a group while you eat your sushi.

2. Basile's Italian Restaurant

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The homey atmosphere will transport you right back to meals with the whole famiglia. When seated, a basket of fresh-out-the-oven bread and oil is placed on the table. The bread is also covered in grated Parmesan.

In my family, the bread can barely be put on the table before it's devoured by hungry mouths. The portions of their authentic dishes are large enough to feed a village. But with food this good, you might want to finish it all by yourself. With a full-service bar, the staff will choose the right wine to compliment your dish.

3. Tre Pizza

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This pizza joint has a laid-back feel. With a contemporary menu and artisan ingredients, the food will always be served the way you want it. They have the typical "Italian restaurant dishes" like chicken Parmesan and pizzas, but you can also try out their specialties like the mozzarella bar and unique panini combos. Pair your dish with one of the twenty beers on tap, plus other seasonal and local ones.

#SpoonTip: Dine al fresco and enjoy games of bocci and skee ball with your family and friends. Or, even better, you can sit back, drink your beer, and watch the kids try out the games.

4. El Meson

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When you walk into this Mexican restaurant, you feel like you are transported into Mexico, and it's not just the sombrero lamp shades that set the ambiance. The endless homemade chips and fresh tomato salsa are placed on the table right away; the best way to start any meal. Order some guac, and it's made table-side.

#SpoonTip: Need some good meatless meals? Vegetarians will go crazy with options such as veggie fajitas, black bean soup, and their famous Burrito Loco— a burrito filled with steamed vegetables and beans, then topped with ooey-gooey Monterey Jack and your choice of one of the five salsas. It's served with a plate of rice, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

5. Court Jester

This small pub packs a whole lot of great food. They serve up everything from typical wings and burgers, to burritos and salads. No matter what you get, spend the extra dollar and get the Cajun fries. They are waffle fries tossed in a seasoning blend. They'll pair perfectly with one of the wraps or juicy burgers.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to try out their signature nachos loaded up with tomatoes, olives, scallions, two types of cheeses, and piles of sour cream, pico de gallo, and chunky guac. Order them with beef, and it will be served with a crock of beef chili covered in a layer of cheese. They come in a half-sized order, which is still enough to feed a table of four.

6. Federici's Family Italian Restaurant

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The 93-year-old family-owned business serves up some of the best Italian food around. Their homemade creamy Italian dressing is so good, you will want to drink it straight out of the bottle it's served in. Need to eat it on more than just the salad? Try it out on the toasty bread, or for a decadent treat, put it on the pizza.

#SpoonTip: Try out the homemade cheesy lasagna. They have been using "Mom's" recipe since 1921!

7. Café 360

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The quaint family-owned café serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Did I forget to mention over two dozen homemade flavors of gelato and tons of pastries and cakes? They have recently added gluten-free desserts to their menu.

After a long day at work, you're going to need a java fix. Order a specialty coffee drink, and customize it with one of almost thirty syrups. They also have a catering menu to bring your favorite restaurant to your party.

#SpoonTip: Café 360 offers a place to sit down, enjoy a meal or quick bite and high-speed internet to catch up on any work, or maybe just some Facebook gossip.

8. San Marzano Trattoria

The Italian restaurant scene in Downtown Freehold is quite over-whelming, but I'd recommend going to this one. Try out the Eggplant Parmesan. It sounds like a simple dish to make, but some places have botched it terribly.

Here, the eggplant is sliced into thin strips, breaded in breadcrumbs, and fried until it is golden and crisp. Even after it's smothered in sweet tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, the outer layer stays crunchy, which not many places around here have mastered.

#SpoonTip: On Mondays, they offer a special deal— buy one large pizza, get one cheese pizza free. Let's cheer for BOGO pizza.

9. Fusha Asian Fusion

Downtown Freehold's second Pan-Asian restaurant has everything from Japanese sushi, to Thai Pad Thai, and Chinese chicken and broccoli. Not only is the food great, but it's all at really great prices. It's the perfect reasonably priced restaurant to meet up with some friends. Three of the classic rolls will keep your dinner under ten bucks.

10. Sweet Lew's Café

At this breakfast and lunch café, it's not just the amazing food that puts this restaurant on the list. It's the owner's dedication to "good food, good service, good prices." Once you got those three key points down, there is no way a restaurant could fail. The menu is full of healthy options for those conscious eaters out there, but has options that could fill any sweet tooth's brunch craving.

#SpoonTip: Who needs a calorie-filled Chipotle burrito when you have the Healthy Burrito? Wrapped in a soft tortilla, there's egg whites, tons of vitamin-packed veggies, salsa, and cheese served with a cup of fresh fruit. All of that for only $7.59.

11. Little Bit of Cuba Dos

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Little Bit of Cuba Dos packs a whole lot of great food into one restaurant. In New Jersey, there's not a whole bunch of places to get Cuban food. Luckily for us, we have this place, which is serving up fresh authentic cuisine in a nice, modern atmosphere. They serve Lechon Asado Tradicional, their signature dish of roast pork seasoned with a "secret blend of spices."

12. The Metropolitan Cafe

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While this restaurant is definitely one of the pricier one's in Downtown Freehold, the food served is some you're not going to want to miss. For a classy version of your favorite childhood sandwich, try out the Ultimate "Grilled Cheese & Soup." The freshly baked bread is loaded with bacon, tomato, and truffle cheese. Paired alongside is a rich lobster bisque latte. Don't worry, there's no coffee is involved in this dish.

#SpoonTip: Need a light bite? The menu has a full list of specialty rolls and sashimi. The cafè also has a wide variety of salads with everything from seared tuna, seared shrimp, or fried chicken. Fried chicken might not be the best option if you're dieting, but is good for the soul.

13. Alycia's Bistro

Right on Main Street, the restaurant is quite honestly one of the best in the town. The American style bistro features a seasonal menu, using only the freshest high-quality ingredients. The food is prepared to order, so don't mind if your dish takes awhile to arrive. I can tell you one thing; the food is worth every extra minute. When food is made to order with the best ingredients, you will be able to tell the difference of love. 

#SpoonTip: Be sure to try out their signature truffled bacon mac and cheese. It may not be "easy being cheesy", but it's pretty easy to devour the entire bowl in minutes