May 2006: Channing Tatum is just breaking into the movie scene, Amanda Bynes is in her prime, and Shakespeare hasn't gotten old. The film She's the Man, inspired by Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, has debuted on the big screen and is making fans of all ages laugh. Fast-forward to February 2017: Channing Tatum is a household name, Amanda Bynes is a mystery, and Shakespeare still hasn't gotten old. She's the Man, now eleven (!) years old, continues to inspire.

As one of my absolute favorite movies, I have spent many nights watching and quoting this beloved romantic comedy. I put together a list of my favorite food moments that teach me real life lessons and make me wish I was throwing it back to the simpler days of summer 2006. 

1. Viola and Duke's strange conversation

"Why yes I do, my favorite's gouda!" It's a classic line, one that even those who have only seen the movie once or twice will remember. This awkward mock conversation between Viola (as Sebastian) and Duke inspires the first item on this list. Hungry for a snack? Go get some gouda, crackers, and wine and think about asking this question the next time you see someone attractive. It'll be sure to impress.

2. Principal Gold's act of kindness

Don't we all want a lunch lady/man as happy as Principal Gold, eager to give a fellow Ilyria Fighting Armadillo his lunch? This is about as exciting as cafeteria food gets, but when you're hungry, you're hungry. Viola had to be nourished enough to make the team, and you always need a hearty meal to make it through that next class or meeting. Lesson learned!

3. The Cesario's breakup

Ahhh, Cesario's. With its trademark red and white checkered curtains, it's the local pizza place where everything goes down: Monique and Sebastian break up for the first time; Duke and Olivia go on their first "date" accompanied by Viola (as Sebastian) and Eunice, and Viola convinces the guys that her version of Sebastian is not that weird. The next time you need to break up with someone, make someone jealous, or prove you're kind of cool, make an appearance at your local pizza place. 

4. Eunice's creepy morning greeting

Eunice's breakfast could be first on the list, but it is a cupcake or maybe a muffin, so any placement works. The day of the Cornwall game, Viola is woken up by a slightly scary greeting from Eunice. This is the only way to watch someone wake up, with a homemade snack and an unblinking stare. We could all learn so much about strengthening relationships and waking someone up in a way that will ensure they do not fall back asleep. Eunice is a legend, plain and simple.

Thank you to Viola, Duke, Sebastian, Eunice, and the rest of the quirky gang for starring in one of the best movies of the early 2000s. I know I'm not alone when I say that this movie will never cease to put a smile on people's faces.