Champaign’s plea for a better pizza parlor that serves by-the-slice and is willing to serve many booze-lined bellies at the bewitching hour (2AM when the bars close), has finally been answered with Green Streets new addition, Antonio’s Pizza. It didn’t take long for students to realize that “gourmet” pizza was the only pizza they would want to eat after bar close, at lunch time, or just for a second dinner (no judgments).

Photo by Meredith Marcus

And “gourmet” pizza is exactly what it is. Gone are the expectations of choices like cheese, sausage or pepperoni when you enter, and are immediately awestruck by, Antonio’s. Although this pizza parlor has the classic toppings, you might find your gaze immediately fixed on the pizza bar. Yes, we said pizza bar.

Displayed for your choosing are the multitudes of pizza choices, pieces of different types of pizzas formed together like a puzzle to form one large pizza. Although there is a menu above the oven, which quickly warms up/ oozes up your slice(s) of choice, you will most likely find yourself saying, “I’ll take that one”, and pointing through the glass window.

Photo by Meredith Marcus

The employees of Antonio’s are armed and ready with every name of pizza they sell, so don’t think you are going to be steered blindly through this adventure. Whether it is the black bean avocado, pesto chicken, beaurider (topped with breaded chicken, tortellini, pesto and mozzarella), macaroni and cheese or two of the most popular picks, chicken bacon ranch or Sicilian, you will never go questioning your decisions (unless you are torn between three different slices, in that case, get them all!).

Photo by Meredith Marcus

And although pizza-by-the-slice is their selling point, entire pizzas are sold, too. To learn more about their pizza, check them out on Facebook, where they post specials that are served hot in the restaurant that day. Or if you really want to plan ahead, go on their website and play around with their “Pizza Simulator” to study up on all of the delicious options and difficult decisions you will be faced with when you enter the restaurant.

Antonio’s Pizza was a sponsor of Spoon UIUC’s launch party at the Clybourne and made the delicious (and spicy) pizzas for the pizza eating competition.


Address: 619 E. Green St., Champaign, IL
Hours of operation: Sun-Mon 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM, Tue- Wed 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM, Thu – Sat 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM