Fans of Sex and the City like to analyze what character they are. They (we) poll our friends, analyze past sexual adventures and relationships, and conduct thorough research on our social style. Take this quiz to determine which Sex and the City character you are based on our food choices. Answer the questions honestly and tally which letters you choose to find out if you're a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha.

1. You're Getting Brunch With the Girls. What Do You Order? 

A) A breakfast sandwich

B) A fruit bowl

C) Pancakes

D) Eggs Benedict

2. Girl's Night Out! What Is Your Drink of Choice?

A) Beer

B) White wine

C) A cocktail—preferably a Cosmopolitan

D) Champagne

3. You Want to Surprise Your Man by Picking up Some Food on the Way to His Apartment. What Do You Get?

A) Beef and Broccoli from the Chinese place downstairs

B) Bagels and Lox from that deli downtown

C) McDonald's

D) Sushi. I will then cover my naked body in it. 

4. Looks Like You're Having a Dinner Party at Your House. What Will You Prepare to Serve?

A) I'm just going to order pizza

B) Pot Roast, Truffle Infused Mashed Potatoes, Caramelized Brussels Sprouts, and a Chocolate Souffle for dessert

C) I'll just get my boyfriend to whip up some pasta

D) Lobster, but of course I will hire a chef to prepare it

5. You're Boyfriend Just Broke up With You. What Do You Eat While You Cry?

A) Lots and lots of chocolate

B) I'll go on a juice cleanse. I need to get all of those negative toxins out of my body!

C) Probably nothing. I just want to lie in bed and sleep.

D) I'll take my friends out to that new, trendy restaurant uptown. No crying just tuna tartar and champagne while we celebrate being single.

6. You and the Girls Decide to Leave the Club Early to Treat Yourself to Some Magnolia Cupcakes. Which Flavor Do You Choose?

A) Black & White

B) Lemon

C) Confetti

D) Banana Pudding

7. What's Your Go-To Coffee


A) Large drip coffee

B) Earl Grey Tea

C) Caramel macchiatto

D) Cappuccino

8. Ok, What's the One Thing That You Are Kind of Addicted To?

A) Chocolate. I may or may not have eaten chocolate out of my garbage once.

B) Do vitamins count?

C) Coffee. And cigarettes too... but I'm working on that, I promise!

D) I once was addicted to Viagra.

9. You're Thinking About Bringing Something Edible Into the Bedroom. What Do You Choose?

A) We'll just eat some chocolate covered strawberries beforehand.

B) Oh my! That's not really my thing...

C) Whipped Cream

D) Edible Panties

10. Where Would You Like to Eat on a First Date?

A) A diner down the street

B) A nice, small, intimate lunch spot in the Upper East Side

C) My favorite bar. They have wonderful tapas. 

D) Oh, we could just go straight to my apartment. 


Count how many you chose of each letter and discover which woman you are below.

Mostly A's: Miranda

Don't be so disappointed! You and Miranda are intelligent, strong-willed, and ambitious women. You may often catch yourself being a little too negative and closed off, but this does not prevent you from being an amazing friend.

Mostly B's: Charlotte

You and Charlotte are perfectionists. You have a vision of what you want your life to look like and how the world should be and you will not quit until your dreams come true. Sometimes you can be a little up-tight and judgmental, but you know what is best for you and your friends and you're not afraid to share it.

Mostly C's: Carrie

You and Carrie are the center of the social world. You love to meet new people and go on adventures. You often catch yourself being selfish and you tend to put yourself before your friends but you really are working on being more sympathetic. Nevertheless, you love your friends dearly and your confidence is effervescent.

Mostly D's: Samantha

You and Samantha are sexual beings. You love men and men love you and you love spending time with them (especially in the bedroom). You are extremely confident and make sure that every choice you make impacts your life positively. Although you have a pretty large fear of commitment, the only things you truly need to get you through the day are you, your girls, and sex.