The characters of Sex and the City spent most of their time at the newest club or bar but everyone needs a caffeine fix at some point. The coffee giant wasn't as big as it is now when Sex and the City was still airing on TV. But if it was still being produced today, these characters would definitely be frequenters of Starbucks.

Since we already know their cocktail orders are consistent, they would all have their usual go-to caffeinated drink too. 

Carrie Bradshaw: Black Coffee

Everyone knows Carrie's signature drink at night is a cosmopolitan, so naturally black coffee would be her drink. Carrie is always staying up late to finish an article of the week or head out on the town, so an energy boost is always needed. She also needs the strong buzz to combat her frequent hangovers.

Samantha Jones: Pinot Noir

Samantha is just as dedicated to the men in her life as her PR business. That means getting up early and going to bed late. Now that Starbucks has some locations that serve alcohol, Samantha would be there morning until night. She would probably just skip the coffee and wait for wine to start being served. 

Charlotte York: Pumpkin Spiced Latte

The PSL was practically made for Charlotte. She is your typical girl from Connecticut who moved to NYC after college, dreaming of a perfect marriage and a family. Charlotte has her dated rules of how women need to behave and is sometimes made fun of by the rest of the group for it. PSLs are sometimes made fun of too, but everyone still loves them. 

Miranda Hobbes: Sweet Green Smoothie

Miranda might not be the favorite, but let's face it she definitely is the closest one to having her life together. She would be the Sweet Green Smoothie because she probably knows of some health benefit that makes it better than coffee.

Mr. Big: Espresso

As Samantha said in the pilot episode, Mr. Big is going to be the next Trump, but who knows if he would want to now. Mr. Big obviously needs some coffee to deal with his heavy business schedule and Carrie's phone calls in the middle of the night. Mr. Big would be espresso because he is too bougie to drink drip coffee. 

Steve Brady: Bottled Iced Coffee

Miranda's on-again, off-again bartender boyfriend turned husband would be the bottled iced coffee that Starbucks sells. Steve would not want to deal with the Starbucks lines so he would just walk to the next store over to buy himself a bottled caffeine fix. 

Stanford Blatch: Salted Caramel Mocha

Stanford Blatch is Carrie's best friend in the show. He's always salty over something but does have the occasional sweet moment. Stanford would be a Salted Caramel Mocha because the drink's contrasting flavors match his moods.  

This Sex and the City group of friends never missed a night out at a club or a morning at brunch, even if it meant waiting on line to get in. If the show was still on today, they surely would have waited in the Starbucks line for their coffee.