There are already museums dedicated to ice cream, avocados, and soon, pizza. But the latest food or drink to nab its own space is rosé. This summer, a Rosé Mansion is popping up in NYC and you’ll be able to experience the wine through drinking it, learning about it, and of course, snapping lots of pics of it. 

Photo courtesy of Rosé Mansion

The Rosé Mansion is a two-story, 14-roomed exhibit of sorts that curates a "photo-worthy wine tasting experience." Each room will have a different photo opp, like a bathtub full of roses and a giant swinging chandelier filled with hot pink sand. But the most important part, rosé, will be throughout the whole thing.

You'll get to taste eight different samples of rosé from around the world while learning the history and science behind the vino, and at one point, will even get to make your own blend. According to the mansion, at the end of the experience, you'll find a bar with the largest selection of rosé wine in the US (🙌). 

Photo courtesy of Rosé Mansion

The Rosé Mansion will be up and running July through October, but you can get tickets starting today, June 5, on their website. Tickets are $35-$45 and you should get them ASAP, because prices are going to rise on June 18. Your ticket includes entry to the mansion, eight samples of wine (equaling about two glasses), a Rosé Mansion GoVino wine glass, a Rosé Mansion pin, entry to the Grand Tasting Lounge (the bar), and other cool surprises. 

Although the mansion sounds like a pretty bomb way to drink rosé, the best way to enjoy it is with friends. So grab your pals and plan a road trip, book a flight, whatever you gotta do, and get your tickets stat. It’s rosé season baby, and there’s no better way to celebrate. 

#SpoonTip: You must be at least 21+ to enter the Rosé Mansion. Sorry freshman friends, next time!