I’ll admit, I was a latecomer to the “Riverdale” series. After seeing people talk about it online and hearing my coworkers gush about how great it was, I finally gave in and watched an episode. Then another. And another. And eventually, I had watched the entire first season in a weekend. I caught up with the second season over the course of the next week.

It’s everything I hate IRL—cheesy lines, teen angst, and bad parenting. But somehow the hot cast (read: Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa) make it all worthwhile. The only thing that would make this show better would be watching with a milkshake from Pop’s, or more tangible, but equally delicious in a stressful situation, a stiff drink. Here’s the ultimate “Riverdale” drinking game for when the you want to kick the drama up a notch. 

Take a Sip When:

Veronica says “Archiekins”


Well, it's better than "Daddykins."

Betty leads an investigation


Girl, I appreciate your drive.

Josie sings a song with the Pussycats or alone


She may the Zayn of the group.

Cheryl mourns for Jason, or talks about him in a longingly (read: kinda weird) way


All I'll say is that I don't talk about my brother like this.

Veronica talks about her past life in NYC


We get it. It was a cool life. 

Polly returns home

It's about damn time!

Jughead defies his father’s requests

Whether it's becoming a Serpent or talking with a certain lawyer, he can't seem to listen.

Alice Cooper struts her stuff into the scene


She definitely knows how to enter a room. 

Kevin speaks some truth


Sometimes they're hard truths, and other times it's just what we're all thinking.

Jughead references a classic book or movie


For being a terrible listener, he sure has a good memory.

Fred gives Archie advice

Um, can Fred give me some advice on my dating life? 

Betty sheds some tears

Plain and simple, Betty has had a difficult time, especially in Season 2. 

Finish Your Drink When:

The gang has a milkshake at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe


Or a burger, cheesy fries, onion rings, etc.

Fog rises for no apparent reason


Pretty sure upstate New York is not this foggy.

Dark Betty comes out

I freaking love "Dark Betty," but sometimes it's a little uncomfortable (i.e. the Serpent Dance)

The Lodges mention “the plan”


Whatever this plan is, I have a feeling it's not good. 

Someone mentions the Black Hood

Seriously, I'm done with this dude.

Take a Shot When:

Jughead and Betty kiss


I am team #Bughead. 

We see Archie’s abs


It's so hot in here, it nearly burns (like a shot).

Tensions rise between the Northside and the Serpents 


Will there or won't there be a riot?

If you did this with a homemade milkshake (or ordered one from Shake Shack), props to you. Instead of taking a shot, take a big gulp. The brain freeze might actually be better than the burn. But relax—nothing burns as bad as an insult from Cheryl Blossom.  

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly! Spoon University does not support binge drinking, underage drinking, or the use of jingle jangle.