If you've been following the series "Riverdale" from day one, you would know that milkshakes are a Riverdale must-have. But relating Archie and Veronica to simple ol' milkshakes won't do them justice, so here are the Riverdale characters if they actually were crazy Black Tap NYC Milkshakes.

Archie Andrews: The Cookie Shake

Similar to The Cookie Shake, Archie wins hearts at first glance. He's all good in the world and you know that he won't disappoint. After a while, he might get a bit boring and you might want to try something new, but you know you're going to miss him when he's gone (or no longer on the menu).

Betty Cooper: Birthday Cake

A sweet and simple twist on a classic — birthday cake milkshakes and Betty Cooper are a match made in heaven. Sometimes Betty can be a bit extra, but no one's complaining. I mean, who doesn't want a slice of Betty goodness once in a while?

Veronica Lodge: S'mores

Sexy and sinful, one thing Veronica and this milkshake have in common is that they embody all the things you want in the world. She is nothing but fancy and you know she'll turn your world upside down. As a crowd favorite, all you want from her is s'more.

Jughead Jones: Sweet N' Salty

One minute he's a sweetheart with Betty, the next he's giving a speech about how weird he is (remember?). Just like the Sweet N' Salty, Jughead is definitely one of a kind and probably has too much on his plate, but underneath all that he is one of the most lovable characters on the show. 

Cheryl Blossom: Red Velvet

Nothing describes Cheryl more than a red drink that you either love or hate. She's over the top and probably takes a while to dig into, but you can't deny she has a strong appeal. Cheryl's a special one, just like the red velvet milkshake, which isn't on Black Tap's permanent menu.

Who would have thought that Riverdale and Black Tap milkshakes could have so much in common? It's full of anticipation and surprises, but you know it's always going to be worth it.