For those who attend Pace University in New York City, most students could say that it's one of the best decisions that they've ever made. Being downtown with tons of hot spots that the people in your life are all dying to visit, they'd all want you to be their personal tour guide of the area. While you're at it, try taking your guests to any of these food places near campus to make their trip 10 times more amazing.

When your grandparents are in town: Squires Diner

Chances are, your grandparents won't be in the mood to eat anything super fancy. At Squires, everything is delicious, classic, and reasonably priced. Some dish suggestions would be their avocado and cheddar omelette, their French fries and chicken tenders platter, and their cheesecake. Another great thing about Squires is how close they are to Pace University's New York City campus, which means that you don't have to go far to get food.

When your friend who can't stop obsessing over pizza is in town: Rosella's Pizzeria

There's just something about Rosella's buffalo chicken, pasta, and veggie slices that makes every other pizza slice seem irrelevant. Not to mention that their homemade sodas are to die for, especially their raspberry lime rickey. Any pizza lover needs to try anything from Rosella's menu as soon as possible.

When you want a relaxing chat with a close friend from high school: Fresh Salt

Fresh Salt makes some of the best sandwiches near Pace University. If I had to live with one sandwich for the rest of my life, I'd live with their salt sandwich over anything. Not to mention that all of their sandwiches come with either a bag of chips of your choosing, or a side dish. Another benefit of Fresh Salt is that most of their dishes won't break the bank, which is perfect since we're all almost broke college students.

When your friend who's always on the go comes into town: R&R Coffee

R&R is a cute little coffee shop on Fulton and Gold Street, which is a five-minute walk from Pace's campus. Their iced coffee is amazing, and so are their vegan salted chocolate chip cookies. Another amazing perk of R&R is that they sell Dough donuts, which are the best donuts in all of New York City. Also, they have a selection of unique non-caffeinated beverages in case you and your friend aren't major fans of coffee.

When your S/O wants to have an amazing sushi date with an even better view: SUteiShi

SUteiShi is home to the best and freshest sushi near Pace. Their service is also on point, they have great appetizers (such as their pork gyoza), and their crispy shrimp tapas dish is to die for. Being a 10-minute walk away from Pace University, it's not overly far away and has an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

When your parents who can never make up their mind comes into town: Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen is a huge convenience to Pace University's neighborhood. They have so many options to choose from on their hot and cold bar stations that change almost all the time in addition to having several food stands, all while sharing a location with Pure Green. It's great for when your parents are in town since they are provided with multiple options all within the same space.

When your friend who's a cupcake fanatic comes into town: Sprinkles

Partially known for their cupcake ATM on the Upper East Side, Pace University is blessed to have a Sprinkle's located in Brookfield Place, which is right behind the Freedom Tower. Their vegan red velvet cupcakes are to die for. Also, if your friend has a dog back home, try picking up some of their dog cupcakes. 

When your friend who loves fries and burgers comes into town: Shake Shack

Around Pace University, Shake Shack is home to some of the best fries. They also have some of the best burgers. Given that your friend that is a huge fan of fries and burgers, why not treat them to the best around?

When your cousin who loves cake more than you comes into town: Baked

Out of every single cake that's made in New York City, Baked's cakes are the most flavorful, fluffy, and beautiful. The slices of their cakes are also super big, so they could last for either one or two sittings. Despite it being the furthest from Pace University's campus, it's definitely worth the walk.

Regardless of where you end up taking your guests, they're bound to love the food near Pace. Besides the food, they'll also love the time that they get to spend with you, their personal tour guide.