Ever thought about what happens to the grains that make your beer? Despite being extremely passionate about preventing food waste, I had never thought about spent grains until I read an article on sustainable entrepreneurs. Turns out that Regrained co-founders Jordan Schwartz and Dan Kurzrock discovered a creative way to make use of the tons upon tons of grains needed for brewing: eating them.

ReGrained cleverly makes granola bars by pairing spent grains with almonds, quinoa, oats, flax, and organic syrups, among other ingredients. Obviously, 'spent' does not mean that brewing grains are valueless. In fact, brewing extracts a lot of sugar, so the grains are technically healthier after they've been processed. They are also great sources of fiber and plant protein.

ing fallen in love with the concept behind these bars, I knew I had to try them for myself. After all, it's hard to find decent granola bars containing only 140 calories, under 50mg of sodium, and at most 7g of sugar. Sure, with only 3g of protein, they aren't exactly energy bars - but they still make great snacks.

The bars are available in two booze-inspired varieties, Honey Almond IPA and Chocolate Coffee Stout. I bought a sampler pack that included two of each for under $10, since I subscribed to their email updates. While browsing their online store, I had to resist the urge to buy a tote bag that boldly read their slogan, "EAT BEER."

I first tried the Chocolate Coffee Stout bar and was, admittedly, disappointed. It was by no means unpleasant, but the word "chocolate" got me excited for something, well, chocolaty-er. I guess I expected more of a creaminess, like you would get from melted chocolate or chocolate chips, rather than the dryness of cocoa. Still, not bad.

Honey Almond IPA, on the other hand, knocked it out of the park. It didn't taste as dry as the stout bar, and it was perfectly sweet without being cloyingly sugary. Also, I tasted nothing of hops, which is a big plus for me. In fact, I'm considering buying a 12-pack of these guys.

Given that I love drinking stouts and loathe IPAs, my Regrained bar preferences are pretty ironic. Though I favor the Honey Almond IPA bars, I suggest that anyone trying Regrained for the first time opt for the 4-bar sampler pack to see what you like. Even if you don't consider yourself a beer person, you might find that you love eating it.